Ather one refund


I am keep on following with customer support team regards to my Ather one refund but no help found till.

If anyone let us tel me it is useful or wast of investment additional 2500/- for refund of charging.

Till now I got only 1 refund but as of now minimum still 2 more is pending…

Hey @puneeth6070,

Home charging reimbursements are applicable only if you’re on Ather One 360, which was discontinued last year. As I can see, you’ve been on Ather One Service since last year, which refund are you referring to?

Ather one 360 plan was very good plan …

In future am expecting this type plan .:sunglasses:

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Yup by march 2021 hoping these guys will come with one of such plans as by that time free grid charging ends.

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