Ather Mumbai Community Ride - 21st February, 2021

So, Ather Mumbai group decided to do a small community ride on the Sunday, 21st of February. We have a WhatsApp group, where in we decided to get together and go for a quick ride. I have a vlog I’ll share in this post too!

Me, @jhaverinator , @satyadevd , @amey_tatke, @jayumaria310 , set to meet at Mahavir Nagar, in Kandivali and there on start with our ride.

Then, we all headed to Aksa beach. We were later joined by Alok, as he stayed around the area. The ride was pretty fun, especially when you combine 6 Ather 450X’s together, they definitely grab a lot of attention :smiley:

Pic by @jhaverinator

We rode around Marve and the area, Alok showed us around some really cool location. We also went to see one of the forts which was pretty cool!

Check out this Vlog I made on this trip. Suggest us some cool locations where we should ride to next!?