Ather maps navigation issue

@abhishek.balaji Is this known issue. If not, can you please escalate this to technical team. So we hope this gets fixed on next update.

Issue: The maps navigation on the scooter is utilising Google maps interface. As we know, Google Maps supports multiple modes of transportation ( Car,Bike, Public Transport, Can). However, here comes the actual issue. The maps interface on scooter is always considering to show the navigation that’s intended for driving a car.

Check this: Understanding Ather's Navigation System (Google Maps API) and Advanced Navigation Feature Request

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Thanks for the referenced post. I understand the challenges to get this done. But, I don’t have any issues on navigating to a known place because i am heading to a known place. So I don’t use navigation in scooter. However, on riding to non familiar locations, how do I trust the scooter navigation. What if I enter onto a road where only cars are allowed to drive

Fair point, let me find out more about this from the team and see if we can do something. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the swift response @abhishek.balaji

Here is the screenshot from Ather app. The blue navigation road inside the red highlighted part, only cars are allowed. Its ORR (Outer Ring Road)

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