Ather in Pune

Where will be the Pune Ather experience center located?

Please share Ather location in pune

They are still numb about other cities plan, not even a firm date

Did you take 450x test ride in Pune?

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Hello Pune people, refer following WhatsApp link exclusively for Pune Ather people if you are interested.


I am from Bhugaon Bavdhan my no is 9423893046 add me

Today, I had test ride for 450X in Pune. My son and me, both couldn’t hide grin on face after test ride in WARP mode. This is fascinating.

As I got from discussion there, payment window will open in couple of days. I got verbal inputs about on road prices. Can someone from Ather team post it officially?

Before making payment decision, I would like to have test ride for 450 plus. Can Ather team confirm when this can be available?

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@abhishek.balaji Are there any updates for Pune? Currently, no one has any idea regarding status. Payment window was supposedly opened almost 2 weeks back, but till date I think not a single customer has actually been requested to make the payment. Any update regarding status or timelines would really help with tempering the growing restlessness.


I had the same experience, the payment window is not open, the dealership team is still waiting for direction/details and I did not get any response from the Ather team after I had emailed them about this gap.

Hi @abhishek.balaji, can u please share list of addresses for the upcoming Pune Ather charging stations?

You can use the Ather Grid app:

As of now it is showing two active locations.

Yes, but I want to know all the locations, and their timeline of activation. We know only the partnered brands, but not the actual locations.

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People from Pune those have pre-booked 450X, please join this whatsapp group. Reposting as some those who joined the forum new, might have missed it. Also, plese give your introduction after joining the group.


Will post pictures in a day or two, but you can check the Ather Grid app, 4 locations are live right now. The exact addresses and location of the Grid points are mentioned there. Once you get your vehicle delivered and access to the app, you’ll be able to see them on the Ather app itself.

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But how many grids would be there in total? And at which location? Because we Pune people don’t know official answer to this querry.

Here you go:

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My question still remains half answered, but still thanks for this update. Looking forward for more updates on the grid locations soon.

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Well there’s no upper cap on the total number of grids. We’ll try to install as many as possible ofc over time. These are the ones that’ll be up for the next couple of months, and we’ll update as when and when new points are installed :smiley:

My question is, when is payment window opening in Pune? First batch was supposed to get deliveries by Diwali.

Next couple of months? Only 5? That’s disappointing. What about kalyan bhel, little Italy and other partnered brands?