Ather in Pune

PCMC Telco Road

Nigdi and Wakad would be the best areas.

Hey, you can reach out to customer service for more info. We’ll offer support in installing charging points and Ather grid only after we unveil in a few weeks.

I also Prebooked Ather and waiting for my first ride

Please connect with me. I own a great place in Baner near Balewadi High Street. Nothing better than that in Pune. Trust me. Please get In touch


It may be a while we could drive our Ather as you are still looking for location for dealership. Desperately waiting for 450x. I already have Revolt400 for my son so i know what it means to drive electric vehicle. Chetak electric is launched so Ather should hurry.

The best location for the dealership will be Kharadi or JM Road/FC Road area. Kharadi is a fast developing region with IT and a number of housing societies coming up. It is also close for densely populated places like Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, Wagholi & Hadapsar. JM Road/FC Road is at the heart of Pune. Highly populated with lot of residential places around and is the education center of Pune with over 50 colleges in and around that area.

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Egarly Waiting for Ather in Pune. Pre booked my scooter. Nice to see so many interested people here.

I am working in automobile dealership, Let me know if you need any kind of help here.

Prebooked the 450X today. Awaiting the technical specs and how it compares with 450 or with Chetak.

Lets all keep up the interest high and once launched we all should plan a 'ather’thon and ride with all the 450’s across the city. It would be fun.



I dont think there will be Ather dealership ‘per se’. Ather calls it ‘Experience center’.

I have visited and test drive the 450 at the Bangalore experience center. It was an amazing ride.

You must give dealership in Nigdi, Chinchwad, Aundh, Pimple Gurav, Chandan Nagar, Katraj, Hinjewadi, Swargate, SB Road, Vishrantwadi, Balewadi, Laxmi Road, Hadpsar etc…

Hello guys,
Today we took test ride of Ather 450 here in Korgaon Park.
It was trilling experience. I am lucky enough to take test ride both the bikes Chatak and Ather today itself. I can definitely say even Ather450 can beat Chetak easily. You can see/experience Ather450 tomorrow too just get in touch with Roshan. I will provide contact if anyone need.
Big thanks to Roshan, Sagar and Abhishek. Me and my wife enjoyed riding Ather450.
Sharing some pics …
Keeping finger cross for 450x

(Sorry for bad quality photo)

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Booked mine too! :+1:Eagerly waiting black panther

Me and my wife had a wonderful Ather 450 ride today at Koregaon park. Thanks to Roshan, Abhishek and Sagar. Eagerly waiting for Ather 450x launch!!

Didn’t have such a wonderful ride as Sanjit. Waited for an hour to get my test ride, at which point the the battery of the single Ather 450 available for test ride died. It’s expected that when you guys arrange a test drive, at least have two vehicles at the venue, considering that it’s an electric vehicle with a limited range on a single charge. There were people coming in between and getting rides, no proper sequence was maintained. I understand that you weren’t planning on inviting a lot of people. But then at least give priority to those who had booked the slots via emails or at least maintain a proper sequence. Sorry for the rant, but am completely disappointed by the way things were arranged today. I was expecting better from Ather! Roshan, Abhishek and Sagar were very polite and were trying to handle the issue as patiently as possible.


True! I have experienced this. :frowning:

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We’ll definitely come back with a lot more scooters, soon!

Experienced the Ather 450 test ride yesterday. I very much enjoyed the ride. The ride quality, build quality was top notch. It was insane to experience the max torque in sports mode.

The Ather representatives Roshan and Abhishek(hope I remembered the name correctly :stuck_out_tongue:) were warm and welcoming. Explained all the aspects of Ather 450. But due to unexpected rush of enthusiastic Punekars and lilmited test drive vehicle, they faced hard time to accomodate everyone. But kudos to them for managing the event so well :+1:

All in all it was great experience. Eagarly awaiting for the upgrades which 450X will receive :slight_smile:

Thanks Ather for the test drive.


I also experienced the same, Roshan and Abhishek were very polite and handling the situation calmly. They told it was supposed to be test ride for only few people but they got overwhelming response, it was supposed to be invite only but looks like through social media it spreads and they ended up having so many people. I got invite for 11:30-12:30 but when I reached there at 12:00, it was not started as people who were setting up equipment for shooting did not complete with set-up. I also ended up waiting for 1.5 Hrs but lucky enough to get the ride. I agree there were people given ride out of sequence I also have to remind couple of times to them that I can’t wait any more and FIFO is the rule as everyone’s time is important doesn’t matter if it’s family or people visiting cafe want to try or people showing without invite.

Disappointing experience with the test ride;
Despite reaching on time as per invite, reached the venue and was waiting for an hour. Finally got my chance to ride when the bike died within 2 km of the test venue… Had to push her back halfway till the Ather guys caught up and were kind enuf to drop me back to the venue…
The bike was showing 24 km remaining range and the next moment died.
The Ather team was not able to figure how how and why it died…
I had a pillion photographer who was planning for some riding shots… But I guess that wasn’t happening!
Overall, am pleased with the build quality of the bike but am not too sure if the battery management is optimized. I would not like to be caught like this in a real world scenario… Makes you think of the actual mileage that this bike would deliver… :thinking:

When should I expect to get a test ride next? I was told that it would be possible this week. If so, can someone from your team get in touch with me?