Ather in Pune

Here you go:

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My question still remains half answered, but still thanks for this update. Looking forward for more updates on the grid locations soon.

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Well there’s no upper cap on the total number of grids. We’ll try to install as many as possible ofc over time. These are the ones that’ll be up for the next couple of months, and we’ll update as when and when new points are installed :smiley:

My question is, when is payment window opening in Pune? First batch was supposed to get deliveries by Diwali.

Next couple of months? Only 5? That’s disappointing. What about kalyan bhel, little Italy and other partnered brands?

Yeah took a little longer than anticipated. Working on getting some exact dates for payment opening and deliveries. But looks like it’ll be in the next two weeks.

These are the ones that are installed, we’re in different stages of the process with other partners. When we complete the installation in a new location, we’ll update here.


What is about payment window?

@tarun @abhishek.balaji is the delivery for Pune going to be 2021? I don’t mind the delays, gotten used to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. At least some sort of communication would be helpful. Also, we are getting repeated calls for test rides, even though most of us from Pune have already taken test rides. I have got calls three times. It is very frustrating when I expect a call for delivery and get calls about test rides. It clearly points to miscommunication and mismanagement. I hope you guys sort out the delivery issues ‘soon’.


By soon you meant English wala soon and not Ather wala soon?

Yes even I have got repeated calls for test rides. There’s no clarity about the delivery’s in Pune. Earlier it was during the Diwali. Now it’s December and there’s no specific date. Patience is almost over now. Dear Ather please don’t disappoint us. Hoping you guys expedite the delivery.

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I booked my 450 X on 06 Dec . I checked up from the Ather Team and requested for delivery in WARP MODE. I was assured max 20 days (Hopefully even earlier). Looking forward to ride ASAP.

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Here I’m sharing link again to join Pune Ather WhatsApp group in case anyone missed it.

The test ride location for 450X in Pune has changed. Test rides are now available at:

Shop no - 15, Lower Ground Floor, Aditya Centeegra, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Next to Mantri House, F C Road, Pune - 411005


Delivery started in Pune!

450X lined up for delivery


Can anyone guide me, regarding start to end purchase process of ather 450x series 1…will be very helpful for me to get my special edition in shortest possible time.

I am not sure if you are going to get Series 1, those were for early pre-bookings. You can visit the dealer in Pune and talk to the sales people to clear all doubts and they will walk you through the process.

Sharing link for Pune Ather WhatsApp group. It is for those who have pre-booked Ather or those who are owners of Ather in Pune. Please introduce yourself when you join the group.

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Hey folks,

A quick update on new Ather Grid locations that have been installed:

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About this Saturday. Will post a write up soon!

Can you guess where we went?


Lavasa!!! I want to know more… I worked in Lavasa for almost 3 years…