Ather in Kochi

I feel both these places are a bit away from the main city and ather won’t install fast-charging away from main cities. Instead, I would say Ather can install at these locations.

  1. Maradu/Nettor region instead of Aroor junction
  2. Thripunithura/ Irumpanam region where the metro ends instead of Poothotta.

That way, it is still inside the city, accessible to everyone in the city and people traveling to neighboring towns.


I welcome your suggestion. But the reason behind my suggestion was if an ather owner on his way back from kottayam or Alappuzha, can conveniently recharge to fetch a distance upto Thrissur or towards idukki.

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My Ather 450 X delivered to me yday. Sri. John and Chackochan were very supporting during delivery. Thank you.


It was a good delivery experience from Palal, had to wait 30 mins but the Staff there explained with demo and important steps to follow via the scooter present there. Got a portable charger and it fits inside the scopter if you take out the box.


YesterdayI have downloaded Ather App. But not getting all functionalities such as subcription details and facilities to upload vehicle documents etc to dashboard. Kindly advise.


Have you opted for subscription? Only connect Pro will show the details.

You need to contact dealer, they will help

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@abhishek.balaji Context: I own an Ather 450 which I had bought in Feb2020 from Bangalore. Brought the scooter home to Kochi and have been riding here since Nov 2020. It came fitted with a Vodafone SIM which is practically unusable ever since they’ve stopped 3G. (About a year now)

About two weeks back, I had contacted Ather Kochi for assistance and as per their request, provided my VIN so that they could order a 4G module to retrofit my dashboard. The service personnel who assisted me is now saying that there’s no reply from Ather Bangalore to his emails.

My connect pro plan is useless without network connectivity. OTA updates almost always fail to download over 2G as well. Please advise.

Thanks, Vivek