Ather in Kochi

Ordered today by giving office address #Kochi , Even though my native is Payyanur, Kannur.
I think for all booking in Kerala we have to depend Kochi as it is leading city, or can I get it at Kannur itself?

Kannur is not on our initial list, but Kochi is. You can take delivery in Kochi and then take it to Kannur, but we can offer service and charging support in Kochi only.


Time to spam all your groups and get more people to show interest from Kochi!

Also you might not have on road charging grid in പയ്യന്നൂർ like planned in Kochi now. So need to plan your rides. Actually, I was also wondering if I could get one like this with my relatives in the top cities. But on second thought, nah

Is Trivandrum in your List

Did not see… but let someone who knows well confirm. Maybe pull in enough people with interest and you might overtake existing announcements. Also, I think if you pre book, you’ll be one of the first to get one once they hit TVM.

@ abhishek.balaji

Since you are planning to be in Cochin, can I take delivery from Bangalore and register in Cochin now :smiley: , in other words whether RTO formalities completed for Kerala.


What about Kozhikode or Malappuram?
I am excited abt Ather 450X! Now glad that atleast Kochi is in your list from Kerala! :slight_smile:

I just pre-ordered and I am excited.

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What about Trivandrum. I am all in if we have support in TVM


Probably prebook. Since many like Chetak are coming to the market, we might see faster releases. Then you’ll be one of the first from TVM.

Yeah. You won’t sleep for a few days!

Do you have a spare invite code? That would be awesome :grimacing:

Yes. Please use F9ZXY4 , SJ9J9S , 58ELDH. Let me know if you need more. Please reply if you have used these so that I will not give it to anyone else.

Hey there here are invite codes

J5HZ24 , T56676

#Ather #Kochi

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The wait is finally coming to an end. Please let us know the date at least. :sunglasses:

I’m also trying to be in peace with this. The only info is every day it gets closer. Now that other players are in the market, maybe the dates will expedite. Looks like you have not pre ordered. Use either of the above codes or this: 9IZWWO

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Where do you prefer #Ather store in #Kochi ?

  • Kalamassery
  • Edappally
  • Palarivattom
  • Kaloor
  • Vytila

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Edapalli: traffic logged over route 66, and sometimes over route 47. High lease rates due to Lulu Mall, etc.
Kaloor: can you come out in sane mind after the kaloor junction?
Palarivattom: good choice, but since it is a routing junction ( different routes merging) might have access problem for certain sides
Vytila: I’ve heard people reach gulf before the ones who dropped them at the airport cross vytila junction. Aka busiest junction in Kerala
Kalamassery; big highway once you are past the C terminal road. Access via metro. Most from nether parts of the town can access via c term road, mostly automotive/automobile driven businesses…

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Once water metro comes into play next year, vytilla will be the most accessible place in kochi. It should be close to all vehicle dealers in vytilla like Royal Enfield.