Ather in Kochi

Just adding this here for reference… No politics intended.


Kindly share the dealers details plz

Its not complete yet…Why are you telling Govt. permission? @abhishek.balaji It’s Ather’s duty to finish the work. Should we wait again 1 year for this? All other places Ather have started the delivery. Why are you making late in Kochi?

If they don’t have govt permission yet, what’s the point of building the EC and keeping it closed? No company/dealership would do that. It’s also possible that approvals required are that for the dealership, so building up the EC is delayed.

Edit: In the end, it’s like Hemanth says below. Ather is obviously interested in selling as many vehicles as possible. Shorter the delays, better for both sides. But badgering them about it is hardly going to speed things up. These guys aren’t Swiggy or Zomato! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@rsk007theman I can understand you are waiting for a long time and waiting is really tough. A business wants to sell more and more quickly…especially for a growing business like Ather. I don’t think they’ll delay it or ignore it on purpose. If they really wanted to ignore, they wouldn’t even have listed Kochi in the list and they could’ve launched it in many other cities. They need not show you all the Government papers and approvals (or the delays of it) to customers, do they? Of all the cities announced, Kochi and Kolkata seems to be taking more time while other cities (some that were even announced later too) have progressed further. So definitely there must be some hurdle that is taking time to clear. If you really want the 450X, you have to wait…else cancel the booking and go and book some other vehicle. Waiting is tough, I can understand.

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Rishith, I believe you were already in touch with the retail partner over email and they also shared a similar response. Not sure what more you’re expecting here.

Do wait till we make an announcement about Kochi.

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Actually what is dealy reason ?

hurdles getting permissions from the government on ground.

What is that?

There are several permissions required from Govt authorities to open a point of sale, and to start sales of a new vehicle. Some of those permissions are taking more time than anticipated. Until those permissions come through, we cant start sales in a state.

Right now the best estimate is looking like March 1st week to start accepting payments for deliveries.



Earlier you informed last November will start the delivery. That time issues was showroom identification & find distributor.

In my Knowledge no state subsidy announced for Kerala

5%+ 1% tax will add billing ( registration)

Ev bike & car selling is same in Kerala? Any policy change?

There will no change EV policy soon. Elections are going to be held in April 2 week. I do not think there will be change in EV policy in Kerala soon


Kochi Showroom

If anyone from kannur plz let me know my insta id rishith_sudhir

How to get series 1 in Kochi

If u have pre booked u wil get it

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How to pre book series 1,I have pre booked 450x and can I change 450x to series 1

If you pre booked before jan 28 2020 u will get series 1