Ather in Kochi

Yes, it should be. A kilometre away from gold souk, in the bypass.

Sir, hello I am Sunil Verma Thrissur, I booked the scooter. Went to Kochi for a test drive. No one was there and came back. What do I need to do to get a scooter? James Sir apologizes to me. Very helpful if you get the answer

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Is the test drives closed? I went past the upcoming EC/test drive point yesterday evening and found little happening. Will I be able to send down a few of my friends to test?

It’s been paused temporarily as we get things going with our retail partner. Should be up in the next few days, will share an update here when it’s up.

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any updates about the delivery? i booked on 17 th jan 2020 & now its 20th jan 2021

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Latest Kochi update AFAIK.



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