Ather in Kochi

Yes. The vehicle feels nimble and lightweight. I felt the weight could have been slightly increased (with a higher battery pack perhaps). It maybe because I have been riding bike for so long. Overall performance good. Pickup at low speeds is great.


Any updates regarding expected date of delivery?

Maybe last wek of dec

Ok here is what I felt after my test ride on Saturday.

I called up the dealership at around 11 AM and found that one scooter was on test run, while the other was with 20% charge. I had no choice to go because my evening plans quickly changed. My best friend who was the cause of the change of plans heard I was going to see the 450X and joined. We reached the dealership by around 12 PM.

A grey and an S1 were at the place and only grey had charge, that too 20%. My “home minister” permitted to try warp mode before it was too drained. So I took the open stretch of the service road. I could hit 50kmph, but not further as the stretch was not even road.


My heart had a quick race up and the jolt was great! Came back in the same acceleration. I let my friend try, with me in the back because 450x was extremely new to him and needed to be there in case. He also had the same Wheee experience.

It was family time next. My wife was the pilot with my kid in the front and me at the back. We did a few first rounds in eco, ride, modes just to make sure she had a grip on it with the little one on the front. It was nice.

I realised a truth that I had been riding my TVS Wego all this time in Ather’s eco mode!! Speed and acceleration comparable to my driving.

One thing that happened was that after a first shot, the dashboard got stuck at 12kmph and everything was responding as if the scooter was moving. I notified the staff and also pulled the soft restart. It took like 5 minutes or so to get back. Not sure, maybe it was lesser and I was too excited that it felt like a lifetime booting up.

Ok. Now that things are in hand we got ready to take a family warp. Got to a distance for clear road, stopped and I asked my wife to switch to :zap:. IT DIDN’T WORK! :pleading_face: tried pushing the buttons, using the touch screen, etc, but no use. I was thinking to restart, but given we were in a very sunny spot, I didn’t want to spend those minutes there. Then I stretched out and took a look. No wonder it didn’t switch to :zap:, the battery was low and it was eco mode till recharged :sob:.

We got back, and then I realised I never took a photo or video of anything. :man_facepalming:t2: the staff helped take a few family pics. We got back in after 15 minutes of excitement and used 3% of the charge.

Might go and do another test of time permits.

My take:

  1. It is a bit powerful for my use. But I think I’ll get used to it.
  2. Handing and ride are smooth compared to scooters I have rode. Extreme acceleration and speed does not make you feel out of control.
  3. Warp mode. Engage! Hit it! Execute! :vulcan_salute:t2: whatever works. Unfortunately could’t taste enough of it.
  4. Talked to the staff and they think it’ll be Feb till scooters are out. Maybe half-baked info, and maybe scooters will be out before the dealership actually opens doors.
  5. Both scooters look attractive, but confused about colour because my Wego is coloured similar to S1 and grey looked more attractive. Might still go with red S1 because my kid loved it.
  6. Couldn’t check the wired rear view mirrors because they weren’t installed.

(I know this one is with mask out, but with social distancing on, and that too for a few seconds)


Was it having translucent panel

Nop. Not yet. Usual black it was. If it had those, I would have put special pics :wink:

Why is the mirror missing on the TD vehicle? I saw the same scooter being flagged down by the cops today.

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Tried booking slot for today but not really sure about.

No acknowledgement or time received for test drive. Website accepted the phone no and email that’s all. Hope they will call and tell timings.

Atleast ather should have planned for test drive preference for those who prebooked and waited almost a year before.

Thanks, Rajesh.

No need to book and all … my frd got without booking

Not needed, yesterday I had test drive.its just a temporary setup for vehicle demo and test drive. You can directly walk to the shared location. Please take your driving licence as well. They will share the form and you have to fill it, that’s all. They will give a brief description of vehicle (10-15 min) and later you can test drive it.

@abhishek.balaji plz give us a date kochi showroom… opening … Changing date frequently… No updates

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In Kochi,

  • The Experience Center construction is ongoing, we’ll let you know when it’s up!
  • Test Rides have already started
  • We expect full payments and deliveries to begin the second week of Feb onwards

R u again fooling us again date changing frequently … Y cant give us a correct date … simply fooling us…

Hey @rsk007theman @abhishek.balaji is just a messenger. Please don’t accuse the messenger. He just provides us what the respective responsible team updates him in regards to the topic. So please treat the messenger with respect and tag responsible people from the company to express dissatisfaction! Moreover consider the delay as blessings in disguise! you wouldn’t want to pay for scooter that hasn’t got a fully stable software and keep adding to the pool of issues the current owners are experiencing. Even if this is delayed you will get a better product than what we have got!


Problem they cannot provide there words 6 time they are changing date… i am ready to take from Bangalore too… but they cannot provide in my Kerala temporary address

Again tag the relevant people to express dissatisfaction. If you feel they are not hearing you on this forum. Use Twitter to tweet and get explanation. Their twitter responds faster than their customer service!

Regarding taking from Bangalore you can take if you have a valid Karnataka address like I did take to Tumkur and successfully registered at my RTO. My understanding is that this is a Government or RTO requirement. But if you feel that this is not right then show them the Govt policy or Order document where they can sale vehicle with Kerala address.

But again, my Sincere suggestion as the Series 1 owner, is to wait for it. With your current excitement to own it, you will be greatly disappointed with the vehicle’s current software stability. It’s a great vehicle which has lost the makers focus. Give some time for them to get back their focus and I am sure you will be more satisfied taking delivery later than now!


Just giving you folks updates as things progress on ground Risthith. Ultimately, we do want to ensure we are able to deliver scooters to you folks as soon as possible. We estimate dates and share here, sometimes things get delayed on ground, so sharing updates as things happen.

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Soo sad ather as brand changing date frequently… cannot promise the date :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Where exactly is the location of the experience centre? Is it the same place where the test ride is going on?

Hey folks,

A quick update on new Ather Grid locations that have been installed:

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