Ather in Kochi

Problem they cannot provide there words 6 time they are changing date… i am ready to take from Bangalore too… but they cannot provide in my Kerala temporary address

Again tag the relevant people to express dissatisfaction. If you feel they are not hearing you on this forum. Use Twitter to tweet and get explanation. Their twitter responds faster than their customer service!

Regarding taking from Bangalore you can take if you have a valid Karnataka address like I did take to Tumkur and successfully registered at my RTO. My understanding is that this is a Government or RTO requirement. But if you feel that this is not right then show them the Govt policy or Order document where they can sale vehicle with Kerala address.

But again, my Sincere suggestion as the Series 1 owner, is to wait for it. With your current excitement to own it, you will be greatly disappointed with the vehicle’s current software stability. It’s a great vehicle which has lost the makers focus. Give some time for them to get back their focus and I am sure you will be more satisfied taking delivery later than now!


Just giving you folks updates as things progress on ground Risthith. Ultimately, we do want to ensure we are able to deliver scooters to you folks as soon as possible. We estimate dates and share here, sometimes things get delayed on ground, so sharing updates as things happen.

Soo sad ather as brand changing date frequently… cannot promise the date :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Where exactly is the location of the experience centre? Is it the same place where the test ride is going on?

Hey folks,

A quick update on new Ather Grid locations that have been installed:

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Yes, it should be. A kilometre away from gold souk, in the bypass.

Sir, hello I am Sunil Verma Thrissur, I booked the scooter. Went to Kochi for a test drive. No one was there and came back. What do I need to do to get a scooter? James Sir apologizes to me. Very helpful if you get the answer

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Is the test drives closed? I went past the upcoming EC/test drive point yesterday evening and found little happening. Will I be able to send down a few of my friends to test?

It’s been paused temporarily as we get things going with our retail partner. Should be up in the next few days, will share an update here when it’s up.

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any updates about the delivery? i booked on 17 th jan 2020 & now its 20th jan 2021

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Latest Kochi update AFAIK.



This is how you win a heart in Kerala! :soccer::heart::battery:


Any update on bike delivery date

It is already last week of January 2021. So long, new year! But why does time go this slow here only? Mid Feb feels like 3 months away still :sob::sob:

PS: we still on track, right? Any changes?


I called to ather customer care for updates for ather at kochi. They are not sure of any dates. One person said end of January. Another said mid February. Another said end of March.

Why so much confusion internally?!

If you called the main number, you’ll not get precise info. You’ll have to reach out to the showroom guys. Latest I hear is there might be more delay due to construction work at showroom.

How foolish Ather is saying! @ather does not have any responsibility towards ather in Kochi. Actually they are fooling us since 1 year!

First they told “Delivery will start in Nov”, Then they changed to December, Then changed to Jan, After that now they are telling Feb mid!! Again they will change the date, no responsibility! Even @abhishek.balaji also cannot tell the date, only thing he is telling is “You have to contact the dealer in Kochi.”.

@abhishek.balaji keep in mind we believed in Ather not in dealers. Give your deadline for Kochi. we don’t want the same excuse again and again!


Will we be able to look into this as an option? This was for ahmedabad, but would this be possible for us too?