Ather in Kochi

Ather is planning to be in Kochi this year. Let’s use this topic to keep a tab on the pulse at Kochi


Its all very confusing. I haven’t specified anywhere where I have pre-booked from. Also I am a long term hand raiser and newsletter subscriber. I didn’t get the invite to pre-order the 450X. Hope everything will be sorted out soon and I can have mine this year.

Hey! It’s odd you didn’t get the code and we’ll look into it. When pre-ordering, hope you entered the city in the pre-order form to register your interest!

I pre-booked the 450X using the invite code shared by my friend. Apart from the billing address i didn’t get to enter the city name elsewhere i think. Hope there won’t be any confusion regarding the city it would be delivered as it becomes available. (kochi as is the billing address)

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That’s all we need :slight_smile:

awesome. can’t wait to get it. absolutely fell in love the day i rode the 450 first back in 2018 from the bangalore showroom.

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The Pin Code is unique and is enough to identify the city for anyone. I don’t think there can be any confusion with this 6-digit information

:crossed_fingers: Booked. I am from Kollam. Will I get delivery here


Excited to see fellow malayalis going for Ather. Spread the word guys…! :slightly_smiling_face:


PreOrdered from Kannur :hugs:


Totally excited! But just to ask, how will the charging infrastructure be at the city? Also noob question: is there a portable charger that can be placed under the seat or carried in a laptop bag?

Btw I just pre-ordered and passed along codes

@hemanth.anand, what are the documents require for registration and delivery?

Closer to launching in Kochi, we’ll start setting up Grid points all over the city. Yes, there is a portable charger that can be placed in the storage space under the seat. Laptop bag might be tricky :slight_smile:


I want a picture of an Ather splashing water on the Muzhappilangad drive-in beach :slight_smile:


I have been an follower from the beginning, on email lists from the beginning, have visited you guys from back in 2015 in Bangalore is most interactive on social media et al, yet when it came to the first set of invites, I was left out. I have even had email communications seeking if you can ship it to Kerala without any commitment to service.

You give me the first one in Kerala and then I’ll forgive you. :slight_smile:


Fellow Malayalis, we need more hands on the deck. We can’t lose this. We are first among the maybe cities. We can’t give this up.


Thanks Ather Team. Got the pre-invite. Booked the 450X today after deliberating whether to do or not?

I am in a transferable profile and may shift to another city next year. Can i still use the vehicle and shift to new city if am moving?

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Yes, you will be able to. Service and Grid support will be available in cities that we launch in.

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@Ather.Team I’m losing sleep over this. Please announce 450X fast and open up in Kochi first!


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