Ather In Goa/Panjim

No dude, there are no set dates. We need to wait for official confirmation and check our email for the next steps.

Nope, the representative at Old Goa was not aware. I asked few question, and he was not informed. Cant blame him, he is either a third party or part of dealer, who is yet to impart knowledge on handling question from Ather Enthusiast. I feel, more of our question will be answered on this forum and once showroom start from the dealer. Lets wait and hope for the best customer experience.

u can also visit and choose test ride as a option and select Goa as a location from dropdown, update the details and select the date and time and place. You should get email confirmation email from Ather.

Mate, the funny thing is when I called Ather rep in the morning - he said - they are setting up service Center and will start deliveries in a month

When I call Ather rep after my test ride - another rep said 2-3 months

I hope Ather brings out consistent information via their official tele reps

If it’s after 3 months - I might not buy as / it’ll take 3 months for start of delivery + 1 month waiting ( depending on Goa pre-order list) , Ather will also do some public stunts like giving priority to industrialists/VIP making normal people wait more , ( they did this in Delhi )

They gave one scooter in Delhi as far as I know to a VIP. And that was to their primary investor Hero Motorcorp. Hardly a queue there.

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That is what we are aware, like you very well said

Goa is suppose to be in Q1 of 2021, which is April - June. Surely i will not trust any other communication, rather wait for official communication from Ather via Forum or website or email. I have already waited 4month, will wait for few more days. :slight_smile: I had pre-booked mine in Dec 2020, there are folks who had booked in Jan 2020. So, not sure where in the booking hierarchy I am for Goa. Delhi i would consider as exception as the individual is the biggest investor in Ather.

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It not all VIPs, first set of 30 Normal people who pre-ordered are getting first set of deliveries hopefully by next week…:smiley:. As I am one of them…


What about others? When normal delivery will start?

Congrats , and thanks for restoring hope!

When did u order yours? Does your order lists u as series 1 ?

Yes its Series 1, pre-booked in Jan 2020.

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