Ather in Ahmedabad

Ather will be in Ahmedabad in 2020. Let’s use this topic for discussions on the same


Just prebooked the 450x. Cant wait to get it:grimacing::grimacing:

I prebooked the 450x Yesterday. I hope it will come as soon as possible .

If any Ahmedabd people want invite code than reply me.

I was wondering if there is any exchange program!!
& also if you need an invite code, let me know.

Provide Invite code for pre-ordering Ather450X for @ahmedabad. Just joined forum

R u get code ?

I want to pre can i get the code

@mdmodh you can use any of this code

Pre Ordered very costly😥 Ather 450X. Very exited for experiencing future. Only Two simple reasons behind my pre order. 1. Early bird for Go Green🌏 2. Support Startup🌱 of young minds of our prestigious IITs’ former students.

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Why Ahmedabad not listed in Confirm city ? It is listed in Upcoming city . Why ?

Who wil win the race for Ahmedabad Ather or Revolt ? Revolt showroom is setup at Himalaya mall in Ahmedabad & Ather is not looking in city.

Can I get the code please?

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K6GY5L its still unused if you want other tell me.

Any confirmation or leads for ather in surat ? I have pre ordered 450x from surat.

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Yes Ather come to surat in this year may be jul or Aug. but one prob. its price is very high & subscription cost & Maintenance cost also.

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Hey @Ahmedabad

We’ll be at Ahmedabad One Mall over the next few days, offering test rides! If you haven’t taken one yet, or have friends and family who are interested, do pass on the message.

Event Details

Date: 25th Dec to 27th Dec 2020

Time: 11am to 8pm

Venue: Ahmedabad One Mall, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380006

Contact Number: +91 7406892666

Hey folks

The Ahmedabad EC will be closed on the 14th and 15th of Jan for the festival of Uttarayan :kite: . We’ll be back on the 16th for test rides, deliveries, and service requests.