Ather helmet

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You wish! (And I)! it will be a paid product and expect a premium price tag (wish it weren’t) :rofl:

Does a helmet comes with purchase ofather 450 plus ??

It’s depends on the state rule.

Don’t take it otherwise but Helmet is to save your head! when you are ready to pay 1.5 lac on a scooter at mere 5% price of the scooter you will get a decent helmet. I have seen LS2s to be good at 5% of the scooter’s price… I am not saying buy a DOT/ECE certified helmet but buy a full face helmet that will protect you in case of a fall! People spend 1000/- on seat cover and wear 80/- helmet! for some a** is more valuable than the head!

Govt had made airbags and seat belts mandatory for a reason but I also have seen cars with stickers “We don’t have airbags, we die like real men”… so choose your poison


Well said bro. my first bike was pulsar 150 long back in 2010 and got a LS2. People were like u bought a 5k helmet… R U insane and all. but I said My head is important. Proud to say that I still have it and will be using with ather.

Hello folks , I just want to know ather 450X ,plus owners. Did you guys received free helmets from ather while getting delivered the vechile? Because I have seen in YouTube people claiming they have received free half face helmet. If so then I never received any helmet from ather.

Yes I have. It depends on which region you take the delivery of the vehicle because in some states, the state govt has made mandatory to provide helmets with vehicle.I took the delivery in chennai and received a full face helmet with ather branding on it.

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