Ather Grid Locations in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai


I have received an email w.r.t. making the full payment for the Series 1 version. However when I asked to know the Ather grid locations in Mumbai, the showroom did not have any details.

Need to know following -

  1. What all location would have Ather grid in Navi Mumbai? Need to know this as I need to decide if I should buy a DOT charger or Portable charger.
  2. Understand that currently the Pro service pack is offered with the scooter, however my Location is far off from the service / show room. I live in Navi Mumbai and the showroom is in Bandra West about 25-30 Kms from my place so, need to know if the door step pick up will be applicable ? If not can this be switched to use the connect plan where I get more value as the show room does not pick up the vehicle for service from Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.
  3. Time line for show rooms opening in Navi Mumbai or show rooms in and around Navi Mumbai? Getting the vehicle serviced for a location 30 KMs away is not practical.
  4. When I called ur service number was on hold for almost 20 mins and could not get hold of anyone, suggest you improve on the hold timings… This was my first interaction and did not quiet leave a sweet taste…


Ketan Karmarkar

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  1. You are getting the Service Pro pack free with Series 1. So there is no need to buy a service plan. It cannot be switched to Connect plan as connect plans and service plans include different things. I don’t know about the door step pick up, you should get it checked with the dealer. Also,if there isn’t any door step pickup available, you could benefit from the other services included in the pack.

Ather team is working with very limited staff during this week. This is a known problem from earlier but this week the staff is even less. They’re bringing more people on board and the situation may improve in coming weeks. Try writing to CS, it may work.

HI, Ketan Karmarkar

I am writing this below comment after living in Mumbai for about 32 years of my life and Ather owner.

  1. As of now Navi Mumbai does not host any Ather charging station, But i am sure Navi Mumbai will be the hotspot in further for ather and EV. With large young and dynamic thinking population and large number of college in and around it will be a prefect host to the next generation technology.

  2. It seems one charging station of ather in colaba.

  3. Regarding CC( Call center) ather have one at Bangalore and expanding. They have just entered Mumbai.

  4. Regarding charging, your Dot will do needful to you. It will sit under your seat comfortably. So no worry’s buddy.

Many to come in for mumbai in goodies bag. :shopping: :shopping: :shopping:


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Dot under the seat!! Did I read it correctly?

You read it correctly it fits under the seat but you cannot place anything else if you put that under seat at least the main helmet.

But you can have a work around for that.

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