Ather Front & Rear Mudguard

Ather Should Look Into Resolving Front And Rear Mudguard. It is impossible to drive in rainy season. The stock mudguard is useless.


Yes ather should design something like a clip-on for front and rear mud guard without compromising the looks and sell it like accessories

Without ruining the look with matching colour and i am sure ather designers can work on it and test that it is effective and stops spraying pillion backs with water and mud from rainy roads


One main source of mud is the belt. See below pics from two different scooters. The mud flap/ belt cover has to extend till the tangent of the belt to avoid this splatter. Can someone in help with resolving this somehow? Kochi rains are messing pillion riders and our bags.

PS: second bike was in quarantine during last rains. Hence less dirt. But you get the gist, right?

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