Ather Energy x Kerala Blasters Football Club!

As we prepare to take the Ather 450X to Kochi and Kerala, we partnered with Kerala Blasters Football Club of the ISL for a series of videos. The first video is ready to be released (and you lot get early access before it goes live). Episode 1 was a sit down interview with two up-coming stars of the KBFC team - Jeakson Singh and K Rahul who were also key players for India at the previous U-17 World Cup tournament.

Expect a few more videos coming out soon. Feel free to share this amongst your network (especially in Kerala)


:clap: :clap: would have been fun to see their reactions riding the Ather but then again they are football players rather not trivialize them

Such a fun segment! Hoping to see more players and them riding the scooter and experiencing Warp mode :smiley:

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Idanja kombane thadanju nokeda!! :joy: :joy:

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