Ather Energy Series E round of $128mn led by NIIF's Strategic Opportunities Fund

Hello everyone,

We have great news to share with the community today. We’ve raised $128 Mn as our Series E round. This round was led by National Investment Infrastructure Fund’s (NIIF) Strategic Opportunities Fund. This additional round is just in time when we are planning to expand manufacturing facilities. Our existing investor Hero Motocorp also participated in this round. A major chunk will be invested in R&D, Charging Infrastructure, and to strengthen our retail presence across the country.

The continued backing by our long term investors with the addition of new investors reiterates the trust and confidence in Ather Energy. All your support has pushed us to come a long way.

Thanks for making this happen.

Exciting times ahead,



What is Series E, Is this the next product named E, I think where this is going, First, it was 450S, next 450X, now 450E as in Extended range, maybe in 2 years Series Y, that will complete the portfolio.

Okay my bad I’m not a CA who understands the auditing terms but hey I gave a good suggestion


It’s the final stage of funding before the startup usually goes public or on their own


Probably after Series 1, another limited edition Ather Series E? :face_with_monocle:

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Woooooohoooooo!! Congratulations team. :partying_face::zap::100:


Congratulations :clap: :clap: We also want to be the investor of Ather. When you bring your IPO, make reservation for the customer.


Now with the “Apna Sapna money money”, we hope for announcement of free Ather connect pro for another year :joy:

Just kidding, we are even ready for lifetime free subscription :smirk:.

Congratulations guys :smiley::tada:


Heartiest congratulations @tarun and team @ #Ather Energy.

All this is just the reflection of your hardwork.

Keep up the good work.


Proud Owner #450X

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Hope more funding is allocated for charging infrastructure. Though i have not used public charger even once, i always read people facing issues due to chargers being less in number or chargers not working and many other issues.


Hello sir

You have guessed awesomely i think tarun metha will see and get shocked but Ather is doing very well in market i think i am correct sir

Congratulations sir

For this good news you can give any goodies for all Ather customers so we will be happy and also 3years Ather connect pro free for us let Ather move to Bigger level Ather is also Like an APPLE COMPANY in that two of them made revolution in India Ather is doing with two people that’s Tarun and i don’t know the other name these two people are making it heart-full congratulations :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Yes, We are Ather owner, not THE owner of Ather. So, we can only get news and be happy :smiley:

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