Ather Dot, the new home charging pod

I suggest portable… listen to ur dad … he’s wiser :slight_smile:


If your budget allows, take both. If only one, then I would suggest Dot. In long term you would want convenience for something you are doing every 2 days. Dot makes it charging hassle free.

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Avoid cable entry from top, instead enter the cable in U shape from the bottom. Top entry will also create a path for water / liquid due to gravity. I would recommend some Vents on the side for the hot air to escape.


Technically I totally agree with you that we need to have a drip loop :smiley: for all cables. But the box was designed after all the wiring had been installed and also for the drip loop for the plastic bellow pipes will take lot of space and also it will add up lot of box width. The box has complete opening at the bottom, so there is enough ventilation. Moreover Dot uses fan which is almost similar to at PC fan. I guess its ventilated sufficiently :smiley:

But your thoughts are good :+1:t2: future owners who wish to get a box done has to consider all the points that we discussed.

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Use some silicon to seal the cable entry hole. That’s enough to prevent an liquid seeping in via that gap. Same can be done at the corners where the side/back/front plates join.


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A band aid should not be solution for bad design, but once implemented that is the only refuge.

Yesterday when I tried to charge (using the Home Pod), I got Authentication error in the dashboard. So, plugged out and re-inserted. On 3rd attempt, the error went away and it started charging.

This is the first time I saw this error ever. Does anyone know possible cause?

In general AFAIK that shouldn’t be happening because if once dot is assigned to your vehicle and it recognises it then this issue should not happen. If you face this issue again then raise it with CS team it could be a firmware issue which they can fix by reloading the firmware.

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Is the Dot’s front cover available to purchase separately? I was going to get a portable charger and hide it behind the cover if it was available. Best of both worlds.


Does the Insurance cover the DOT?

No insurance is only for vehicle not for the charger.

This thread is what you’re looking for:

@tarun @abhishek.balaji I think this is a use case in next model or as a feature request a GPS tracker to be considered for charger too in the design. So that in case of theft we shall be able to track it. Because it is not a small price tag. Also it gives the owner a little more piece of mind and guarantee.

Does somebody have a similar pic with the Dot in the underseat space for a comparison?

Just out of curiosity… I know the stolen Dot cannot be used in any other Ather vehicles until its mapped and configured to that particular vehicle. But in case of theft can Ather identify if the stolen Dot gets connected to a different Ather vehicle?

Then U can easily get ur DOT return …

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Here you go. Would suggest having it upside down in the storage with a bit of padding on the corners with a thick cloth or something to avoid any scratches while riding.