Ather dot stolen

Somebody has stolen my ather dot in the night :(. Just wanted to know if it is possible to track the ather dot and if the ather dot is covered under the insurance policy.


:hushed::astonished: DOT cannot be tracked I guess because there is no GPS embedded in it. Also insurance is not covered.

But it is not useful for who ever stolen that. Because it will not give output unless vehicle authentication. It only works with your vehicle.

But where does this happen like stolen the dot fixed at your home or it is not fixed?

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well, this is the first time in Forum I have heard that dot has for stolen, well have you asked CC what can be done? I have read in some other EV form that in EU they buy some additional insurance for charger outlet, just in case if it gets stolen or damaged, the insurance is covered in as additional electrical equipment in policy, which is bought in the same vehicle policy.

Here we try to find the cheapest option in scooter policy :pensive:


Hey @kalysub,

The insurance coverage would be applicable if you added electrical accessories as an additional cover when taking your insurance policy. For everyone’s benefit, we’ll share steps on how to go about an insurance claim in such cases.

Would also help if you can share more details about the installation, how the theft possibly happened etc, so other owners can take sufficient measures.


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