Ather Dot Malfunction

Two days in a row I have had issues with the dot and my scooter.

  1. 11 Dec, around 6 pm when I tried to plug in the cable would not go in, my dad fiddled with the dot and scooter, he says he restarted everything and then it went in and started charging

  2. 12 Dec, I plugged in around 9 pm with battery at 41% and went to sleep but today at 8 am no change and the dot is neither red yellow or green. I know bescom mains is on because the pilot light in the meter board is on

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Please raise this with customer care and they’ll help you out

I brought my 450 to home yesterday I have put for charging on dot charger but it’s not getting charged but the solenoid is locked what’s the issue I’m really disappointed

Is it first time that you are charging? May be your DOT is not linked with your vehicle. Will you please call CC (Customer Care?

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