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I thought of opening a new topic where we can post stalar :sob: interaction we has with suppor My contribution to the thread

I have an ongoing support issue with customers care who are not able to assist me with. It’s now 7 days that the issue was raised. Issue is with an mail received stating that my ather one subscription which is complimentary has expired on 16 July . When I purchased the vehicle it came with ather service which I paid extra for ather one upgrade. As per invoice my vehicle was registered on 19 aug. I did raise a concern and uploaded the screen shots of your website with vehicle invoice and registration details. So far no luck in getting this issue fixed as no one is taking ownership of the issue.i hope it’s a system generated message and not sure why do your team has not got back to me for 7 days now.

Hey Suhas,

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve flagged this to the team and someone will get back to you on this. But likely this is an error on our part, and will get it rectified ASAP. You will have one full year of subscription since purchase.

The ticket was opened on 21 st July so far no luck in getting this issue resolved.not sure how many weeks does it take to get a issue resolved. @abhishek.balaji @tarun I now am not sure if I made a mistake buying a vehicle from your company who are yet to figure out how to resolved an issue that may take max of 15 min of backend work.

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Hey Suhas,

I did check with the team on your issue and it has been resolved. Your subscription is valid for one year and will expire in August this year.

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I had a great experience reaching out to Ather. I assumed this was just like any other customer center with “no results”. I started on this journey to fix my account login and struggled to get a response with Ather. Until, one day I got Aarti on the call. I love the commitment she had to solve my problem and help me out. Ather could have simply lost me as a customer since this was the last time I planned to reach out to Ather to fix my issues. This girl took complete accountability of the issue I am having and resolved my issue and followed up to ensure I was able to sign in and was having a good experience. I am so amazed at the commitment and dedication of this particular person. I can clearly see why I should buy an Ather. If this is the kind of people you have in Ather… then you are going places!!

regards, Rahul


From past 1 week I’m trying to connect to ather customer care, and it is taking forever to connect to the relationship manager… how does ather even expect customers to wait for 5-10 minutes every single time I call?? @abhishek.balaji kindly have a look at this…

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