Ather Custom Mudguard Review

This is my review of the custom mudguard that was made by two of my friends who are Ather onwers. I have been using this for more than a week and it is much better than the stock one. Do watch the video. I am sure this will be helpful to a lot of Ather onwers who have been suffering from the mud splashing issue.

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That will be helpful for prospective buyers


Installing custom mud guard void warranty?


To be frankly speaking still the design of mudguard has many flaws. We have purchased this mudguard mainly for a reason that when we are riding with pillion rider it should eliminate mud splash on pillion rider back.

But here the problem is, after installing the mudguard and travelling with pillion rider at speed breakers, bike is making sounds that tyre is touching the mudguard. The mudguard is perfect only if you are riding solo or you are riding on smooth roads which doesn’t have any pot holes or speed breakers. The mudguard doesn’t suit for our roads with plenty of speed breakers and pot holes. Not only me, other users who purchased this and installed this were facing the same issue.