Ather Community Day Invite

till now no communication .

Friends, no one will get any ticket. Aether team played a prank on us. anyone got any tickets yet? Anyone have any more updates? The number from which I was getting calls till yesterday has been switched off today. :unamused:

It might be that’s the number of employee and many may be bugging. Let’s see and wait.

Just got update . Maximum we will get confirmation by evening


Just now called the pesron from who i got the confirmation call. They said we will receive the tickets & schedule by today evening.


My ticket confirm🤗


Got email?

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Didn’t Receive mine Yet…


Did you received tickets ?

They have sent out invites yesterday at 12.00 a.m

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Yes. I got mine at 00:14.

People who had got the “spot reserved” email some days, check you spam mail. I discovered it now in spam folder.


Look out for email with subject line "

Here’s your community day entry code


If anyone got the invite code and not attending the meet, please forward the invite to me, one of my EV enthusiast friend from Bangalore wants to attend it :sweat_smile:

Isn’t it registered to their names so no other person can use it?

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Those who have received the QR code for invitation kindly save it. YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW IT AT ENTERING THE EVENT.

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tum sb kha se ho mai delhi se ho hai koi apne sath ka dost​:champagne::clinking_glasses:

(post deleted by author)

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are you sure you should be posting it here​:joy::joy:

Fine.You have been hacked :smiling_imp::rofl:

I have an invite, as i will not be able to make it tomorrow. Anyone planning to go and doesn’t have an invite, DM me

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