Ather charging station at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Hyderabad International Airport is an important point. Many people often travel and live around airport. Currently closest ather grid point is 30km far, travelling 60km for charging in not viable.

Currently there are charging points for Electric Cars near RGI airport. Adding a ather charging station at airport will help me and a lot of people. Request you to add a charging point at airport or thukkugda(near airport).


Any ather team member is going to reply to the post?

@abhishek.balaji Can you pls check the feasibility on this.

When we requested Ather for Grids in Bengaluru we were told the following. Usually parking slots will be leased to some company who’ll be completely responsible to maintain and run the parking facility for some pre-agreed timeframe. Getting into an agreement with those leasing companies would be difficult. That’s why Ather has not setup grids in Airport.

Can’t respond to each and every post :sweat_smile: but the info is reaching the right teams. In this case, what Hemanth pointed out is correct. We’re looking at some locations around the Airport area such as Shamshabad, Srisailam Highway, and Aramghar. If you know locations that would be willing to host an Ather Grid point, do let us know and we’ll check the feasibility there.

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