Ather charger grid point all jaipur city closed today

All jaipur city Ather grid closed today after 9 pm showing temporary unavailable or under maintenance what is the issue does anybody else facing same issue in another city …

Grid is usually controlled by owner of the space. They usually turn it off after said time and unlikely they are 24x7. But the app data is also sometimes inaccurate.


Yeah but yesterday it was not even 9 it was between 7-8PM, all the grids were showing under maintenance it was not turned off but they were under maintenance means something faulty but all the grids at once can’t be faulty, i think something went wrong in the server’s but they were back within a jiffy :zap:

I forgot to take a screenshot if it happens again i will definitely take one :sweat_smile:

Ather might have pushed a software update, unlike dot or portable charger the grid has it’s own network connection. So maybe after the update all units would have restarted causing all grid to show under maintenance.


Same here in Madurai. It’s under maintenance from yesterday. This screenshot is taken now.

It might be a bug, here in Chennai it’s shows as 70% of the Grids are under maintenance.

Anyone from Ather might confirm whats going on.


There was a network issue that was preventing the latest state of the Grid to be displayed on the App. Almost all the grids are updated, the others are being updated too. They should be up and running in no time.


So now even grids are not safe from software updates :joy::joy::joy:

Even I also visited a Grid for Charging and found One Using the Grid

But App showed Green :ghost:

Thank Ather , I got Back up to Reach City Center :green_heart::point_up:


Even I am facing the same issue. Both the grids are in use and the app shows 1 as available. This is at their newly opened EC in Lower Parel