Ather Charger and Battery πŸ”‹

Good Evening Ather,

. I am a potential buyer and took a test drive 2 days back. Loved the product. I have specific questions related to charger :electric_plug: and battery :battery::-

  1. I was told that this portable charger can be used with a 5A point, but was also warned for heating issues. So may i know, how much β€œcurrent” is drawn by the charger to be specific which will make me check feasibility of 5A out point.

  2. What is the charge cycle of the Battery :battery:. I was told 2000. May i know the number exact.

  3. Whats the progression of degradation of battery? How much will i loose the efficiency of battery every year. I have seen posts stating 450 becoming Slow after year of use.

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Rahul Sharma

There is no heating issue in the charger it draws close to 3.5 Amps so it won’t be any issues connecting with a 6 amp socket.

To go through 2000 cycles of charge is mostly like going through 3.5 years of full deep cycle discharge and recharge which is hardly possible


May i Please know which kind of Battery is Fitted inside the Battery Pack. Is it Lithium-ion or Lithium-iron-Phosphate? I Am asking just to know how much will it last.

Thank You.

It’s lithium-ion

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li-ion 21700 type it will last more than 7-10 years depending on how you drive

Not really, Abhisek @abhishek.balaji has stated earlier in the forum that 6 years is the battery life and if u vigorously follow the 20-80 cycle u can get 6 months to 1 year of extra battery life

That’s for 18650 cells this is for 21700 cells


If we consider the 2000 cycles capability we can Easley calculate the life.

Complete each charge- discharge cycle every day will compute to ~ 5 & half years.

5 times a week 7.6 years

4 times a week 9.6 years

3 times a week 12.8 years

Twice a week 19.2 years

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There are so many factors other than this too

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Thank You so much for joining this discussion Gentleman. I was curious because Lithium-iron-phosphate seems to be having better life as compared to Lithium-ion. So I was wondering if Ather’s Battery is a long lasting one or short. Also, i happened to read a post here where the Owner brought out that his 450 after two yrs of use became slower and motor started making more noise. Any Comments on That please ?


Sir, do you happen to use the 5A socket of normal power supply for charging ? Because i live in a building and i see many 5A socket to charge in parking area. But if i burn any of them it will be issue ! :joy:

Contact ather or abhishek.balaji directly. I remember seeing some graphs and numbers during the recent owners meet and the meet on battery and charging as well.

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yes I’m using the dot on a 5amp socket from the day of installation it’s been almost 1.5 years and no problem has raised

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Ather sources it’s 21700 Li-on cells from LG, South Korea. LG is classified as a Tier-1 manufacturer of li-on cells.

Here is a quick read on the various li-on cell manufacturers. This is a bit old and CATL has moved up to Tier-1 now.


The above two graphs shows the average battery degradation when you charge and discharge the vehicle and one more degradation depends on the odo

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Are you sure they are LG? in one of the meetings I think Tarun said it’s sourced from multiple companies

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Yes I have heard him saying the same

Hi, Ather 450, 450x and 450+ in these three models, how many volts battery is used can you tell me?

I saw the cartons at the factory. LG, South Korea in bold :slight_smile:

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In 450 alone they use 18650 li-ion cells, which can be charged to 4.2v which is connected in 14s configuration totalling to 58.8v max For 450 plus and 450X they use 21700 cells from LG in the same configuration with less in parallel