Ather App update - Android & iOS 5.5.1

App version 5.4.1 I installed the older version of the app and have been using it for 2 days, I am able to connect the scooter with no issues so far.

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When my Ather will get ota?


Is this Issue resolved for you? I am a new user and i am having the same problem of Auto connect / manual connect to Bluetooth. every time i have Un-pair and make a new connection.


Facing issue of headlight been turned on for 10-20sec even after key is removed from the vehicle after turning off. Any one faced similar issue after updating ??

It is the Guide-me-home light feature… It will come handy in dimly lit parking spaces. The headlight will remain ON for 20 seconds after the key is turned OFF, giving sufficient time to walk out from a dimly lit parking space. You can turn it off from settings on the scooter dashboard.

Some feedback from my side for iOS app (Maybe applicable for Android too)

No option to navigate to the live location of the scooter.

Not sure what time is shown here Full charge ETA? Although it’s never correct at least add some text

Also it vanished once SOC crossed 90%

One more major issue I noticed. The ride stats aren’t stored locally once the scooter is disconnected from internet.

Suppose I took a long ride and parked my scooter at basement where there is no signal then that complete ride stats is either lost or useless Eg:


This is follow me headlamp feature. Its not an issue buddy. :grin:

Req. Battery charging % left status.

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