Ather App update - Android & iOS 5.5.1

Hey folks,

We’re releasing a new update to the Ather App (5.5.1) on Android and iOS. The updates have been pushed to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and should be available to update in a few hours.

This release carries three big updates! :tada:


SmartEco has been on Ather Labs for a while now, and we’re now ready to release this for all Ather 450X and Plus. This is the first feature to graduate out of Ather Labs :partying_face:

You can find SmartEco on your dashboard under settings, and enable it if you want to use it.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner adds round trip functionality! Now plan your trip back home as well and let Trip Planner recommend grid points en-route if needed. This feature is only available in certain cities with sufficient number of Grid points. Trip planner is available under Ather Labs, so head over to the Ather App to try it out now!

Grid point Status

One of the most requested features, you can now see more information about Ather Grid points. We’ve added 3 new statuses for Grid points, which means you can tell if a Grid point is available, in-use, outside working hours, or down for maintenance on the Ather App. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Finally something useful Still lacking colours, yellow for being used and red for Maintainance, grey for outside working hours. it will be useful as you are confused with all grey symbols with different icons


Finally one of the most useful feature of seeing grid status … it will be very helpful


Changes to atherlabs as well :+1:


PERFECT…! Finally, we have the additional grid status that we have been waiting for since ages…! :heart::heart: Thanks. Hoping, there won’t be any communication issues between the app and the Grid :crossed_fingers:


Exactly, different colors would be so much better

Good value addition to the Ather fleet . Great going !

My App is not showing ride stats since last 2days after servicing the ride stats are not visible since last 2days Why can i get help for it ?


Restart the scooter (brakes+ignition) clear cache from the app


Hey Abhishek how does grid status work? Does it takes data from google map about closing time of that place and changes the icon. In this screenshot “The chocolate room” and “Sangeetha mobiles” is closed along with the grid. But the charger is on road on footpath and not behind any locked gate. Is the charger turned off by restaurant/store folks or here wrong information is being showed because of data from google maps?


With added status, so many grids showing under maintenance. Either there seems to be communication issues between the app and the grids or surely there are many not functioning. Shows how serious Ather is with their fast chargers. I hope Ather doesn’t loose its interest in FCs.


Hi @abhishek.balaji does this fix the bluetooth connection issue on the 450x?

It never stays connected to my iPhone ever since it’s been delivered


@abhishek.balaji Please clairfy this if possible. Thanks

Where is it? How to update ?

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You can update it via the App Store or Play Store.

The update is not showing warp mode in shared stats @abhishek.balaji

I’m not able to check my recent rides on app please help.

App version: 5.5.3

Instead of connecting to the 450x, App always connects to the watch. I am facing this issue since 5.5.1 update.

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I’m also facing this sort of issue, and I can’t even connect to my scooter.