Ather App for iOS and Android 6.1.0

Hey folks,

We’ve released an update to the Ather App for iOS and Andorid (6.1.0). This update carries a few improvements and two new features to enhance your experience.

:mag:. Find My Scooter

  • Away from your scooter? You can now easily find your scooter with directions to guide you to your scooter in a busy area or parking!

  • We’ve improved the live tracking of the scooter on the app. And no need to call your loved ones to find out how far are they from you - just open the app to see whether they are on their way home!

:zap: Report issue on Ather Grid points

  • Issue with an Ather Grid charger ? - Just click on a Charger to share any feedback to help Ather serve you promptly!

The release also improves the app loading time, and includes other minor fixes and enhancements


My Scooter shows as Riding even when its parked. I think they need to update it.


This does not help much especially in crowded spaces (Parking lots etc…) as the accuracy of the scooter location is not good. Finding my scooter would be more helpful if it could blink and create some noise using some buttons in the mobile app.


This UI bug in Ather Labs section has been there since ages.

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What a improvement. I am with my scooter. :joy:


This has been fixed in the very next update,now the feature works fine…It’s a very minor upgrade like 3.4MB in size…Hope that you’ll also get it sooner :+1: