Ather app beta - 2

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Yes got it downloaded it…only these two settings or any other features? When will be the next OTA update?

Been on Beta for a day. Atlast, the app loads quickly and well instead of “Open Sesame…” Its a good improvement. Thanks Ather.

I think that the user should have a custom time set for charging reminder. There could be many like me who would like to charge in the mornings only. This can be in addition to the default reminder at night that can be overridden by the user depending on his/her choice.

Waited for 2 days with low battery in the scooter. 26% on 18.Mar and 6% on 19.Mar. Didn’t get any notifications. After waiting…Finally put it for charge at around 22:30 on 19.Mar.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9 and my wife’s Oneplus 5t running Android 9…Both phones have latest app and both didn’t receive any sort of notification. In the Notification settings of both phones, notifications for the Ather app are on by default.

It’ll take at least another 2 more days for the scooter battery level to drop down below 40%. Hopefully by then this works.

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So, yesterday night I was low on battery, didn’t get a notification. At 11pm I started to charge to 95% and unplugged at 3am.

Today at 9:30pm, I got the notification to charge, but I didn’t even ride it today, SoC is still at 87% when I open the app.

Is the notification coming in with a one day delay?

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Thanks for the feedback folks, we’ve incorporated some fixes and will be releasing the App update to everyone tomorrow.

Do note that the charging reminders are temporarily paused to avoid unnecessary notifications since Chennai and Bangalore are on lockdown. This feature will be enabled remotely once the situation stabilizes.