Ather app beta - 2

Hey beta testers,

We’re excited to share a new version of the app that incorporates new features, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • You’ll now get reminders to charge your 450 when parked at home, and the charge level is below 40%, so when you do want to use it, you have enough charge to get around.
  • If your vehicle is due for a scheduled servicing, you’ll get an alert in the app, to schedule an appointment for service.
  • Ability to set notification preferences for the charging reminders.

Do test out the features and share your feedback or any issues you encounter in this thread.

For installation instructions, check this post:

I tried to access but got a message as follows.

The location issue is still there. Still shows location somewhere near lalbagh. Waiting for the OTA update

Nice features moving slowly towards more notification settings and customisations. But…

  1. I didn’t receive any notifications…current battery percentage in my scooter is 26%.
  2. How close must the ODO be to get the scheduled service notification? Mine is 9100kms currently.
  3. I can only set the charging notification on/off. Whynis there no option to set service reminder notification on/off?

Other than these…Rides from 16th till today is not visible in the app. Is it an issue with this version of the app or a general sync issue?

Same problem I too have…

It’s been submitted to the store, you should get a notification when the app is approved.

It’s currently configured to remind you to plug in at night, since most users charge overnight. You should get a notification around 9PM today, to plug it in. We’ll improve this over the next few months, so it’s tailored to your riding and charging habits.

It should be closer to 10k, so around 9800 kms on the ODO.

The servicing reminder is not a notification per se. It’ll be an alert in-app. I’ve updated the first post with a screenshot of the same.

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Is this on the Beta version?

I have the latest app since I see notifications but the location issue is still there.

Yes, I see the issue on the latest Beta Version and from what I remember reading somewhere else it is an issue with the firmware on the Dashboard and needs an OTA update

Updated the app. But, the notification triggers only when it’s below 40%?

Can’t we set reminders like X% charged indication to unplug the charger and similarly X% battery low indication to plug the charger.

Since 20-80-20 is what recommended, charge notification for the same will help a lot. Please take it as feedback for upcoming rollout.

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Yes after the beta update 2…

@josephsahayaraj @abhishek.balaji

i have the beta version app on the mobile and still the location issue is there. my dashboard is manually updated to by the ather guys when i sent for an issue. Looks like this new dashboard version has also not fixed the location issues.

Update on the location issue:

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Currently it triggers at night, when your charge is low and you’re parked at home. These notifications will soon improve over the next few months to reflect your riding and charging habits.

It’s already in the feature requests.The 20-80-20 rule is for those who want to really prolong their battery life, and is true for all Lithium-Ion battery packs. On the 450’s battery pack, there are already safeguards in place, and you can charge every night without worrying about the cycles.

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Great to know the request is in place. Will be waiting eagerly to see in production builds.

Because, my smartphone is almost 2 years old and still it has 90% health as I’m using an app called AccuBattery and it helps me set charge alarm to need(by default is 80%), to understand battery stats, health, calibration etc.

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Joined Beta testing just now.

How to get beta testing…?

Didn’t receive any notification yesterday. Due to the lockdown the scooter usage has drastically come down and I’ve not charged in 5 days. Will wait today also if I receive any notification

Can any one tell that how to join beta testing…?