Ather App beta - 1

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Location of the scooter jumps sometimes.

Is this on the beta version? Could you elaborate on when this is happening?

Yes, it’s like the current location is accurate for some moments and jumps to around 30 Km aways for few moments and then back to original location. Happens frequently but sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes it keeps fluctuation between actual and some other area (always the same spot in Bangalore).

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@abhishek.balaji… Did we figure out why the location always jumps to same spot?

Here is a screenshot of the bug!

. Ather is about 15kms away from this place

So, actually its not the same place. Today it is a different place and also it is now not fluctuation. It is constantly incorrect for the last 10 mins. Killed the App and started again, still incorrect. Once the vehicle started moving it is fluctuating between actual location and the screenshot (incorrect location)

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This used to be a problem during my early Ather ownership days (almost an year ago). That is the centre point of Bengaluru and till the time the actual location gets synced…it’ll show this location. It means that there is some problem with the cloud sync.

even i downloaded. did not see any changes

Thanks for all the feedback, folks!

Here’s what we addressed:

  • Loading issues have been fixed since the previous release
  • We narrowed down the location issue to a bug on the dashboard. We’ll be addressing this through an OTA soon.