Ather among 4 EV companies under lens for misuse of subsidy

Ather among 4 EV companies who are under lens for misuse of subsidy via mispricing.


Ola, Ather, TVS Motor and Vida are under the scanner for allegedly mispricing their electric two-wheelers to make them eligible for subsidy under the scheme Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME), senior government officials. The EV makers may have falsely claimed at least ₹300 cr subsidy, they added.

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:woozy_face: I don’t feel like its a Misuse :person_tipping_hand:


exactly. if not for these companies, shitty subpar quality Chinese imported EVs would be ruling the roads.


2L should have been the reasonable cap for an emerging technology.

But what every company did was to use the loophole.

Now if Govt stops literally every single good EV will be out of subsidy.

That will only hamper the target what government wants to achieve.

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Pricing the scooter lower so that customer can claim FAME subsidy. Good for customers right ? :slight_smile:


Yeah :face_with_spiral_eyes: The Power Ranger Kind of Scooters

Some Brands has Megazords :woozy_face:

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