Ather Alexa skill for Alexa enabled devices

@abhishek.balaji , Can we have an Ather Alexa Skill. Using this skill being at home, we can check with Alexa devices in our home the SOC, Charging status like charge percentage, charging completion, notifications, range. Basically all the updates / information we get on the Ather App can be accessed via voice when we are at home, making the whole experience even more smart, user friendly and futuristic.


TVS did it


Does it let you?

  • say “Alexa stop/start charging iQube”
  • set scheduled charging
  • set charging limits

IMO and I am annoyed every time to say this, “notification in itself is not useful, unless we have an option to act upon it and act upon it conveniently…”

Ather sends a notification that Ather is charged 100%. To main kya karun? Can I now stop charging remotely? No, then what’s the point. Sigh…! Peace :v:


Get the smart plug from Amazon and use Alexa with that, as simple as it can be.


Ofc thats what I am doing right now. But its flawed. “Agar jugaad hi karna tha, to koi bhi E scooter chalta. IITian waalo se kyun lete…”.
Then, I can also suggest people to use a phone holder, connect it to a power bank in the boot and use google maps and music on your phone. Rip off that dashboard too…! “Kyun chahiye…?” Smart features are good and they need to be there without any jugaad. Ok rant over. Peace :v:


Its not about Jugaad, its about adding more lines of code to something that is only supposed to take you from point A to point B. I welcome smart features, but if there is already a working solution to a problem, lets use the solution rather than reinventing the wheel again.


I disagree. Ather promotes smart features and its all about adding those smart and convenient features. Plus, the world has changed and vehicles are not only about getting from point A to B. :blush: OLA is a good example of connected commute and they are doing well (barring some issues we know). Ather pioneered connected commute and I want to see them succeed.


They have implemented and announced this SOC skill in launch event itself with feedback from their users they can sure implement all the above.

How many useful feature requests from owners did Ather implement? Other than what they promised in launch like dark mode and true range


Ok bro, so smart plug is if everything then who will code it to determine the current charging percentage and yes recall turn off once the battery is charged 100% and doesn’t require anymore charging. Will that smartplug do that bit what we are demanding ?

I have a whole setup done with smart home automation not with any smartplug but IoT devices and using the mobile notification on “Ather fully charged” to turn down the mains with the help of coding and 3rd party app that triggers the app notification by monitoring its live status. Peace :v:

NB: Note if we are paying so much for this kinda smarter scooter we will always aspect more and more innovation and not the jugaad all the time as we also know the same how to do what after the scooter is ours.

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I created a small automation arround the same.

Do check the video for more details hope this is helpful.


Today’s launch event for gen3 had a mention of voice commands in future so hopefully we shall be there in some time.


Small thing you can do set the Alexa smart plug and write a condition if the power reduces to below 20watt then turnoff the plug. As simple as that. You don’t need to read notification and send to Alexa to turn it off