Ather 450X warp test ride

Just now spoke with Ather executive; Test ride for the Ather 450X is only for pre ordered customers. @abhishek.balaji there said people who have registered for test ride will be notified via mail or text. But I need to know if there is walk-in test rides for pre ordered customers.

This week, it’s open exclusively for the community, and we’re managing crowds at both the experience centers with slots. This is to ensure that we are able to take all precautions and minimize exposure, and also ensure that everyone gets a good experience with the trial.

It will open up for walk-ins in a couple of weeks, but kindly avoid it this week. You can book your slot, and walk in to the experience center for a trial in that slot.

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Yep, it’s confirmed.

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I have also booked a trial , will we see an actual production model of 450x or it’s just a warp trial? I read somewhere in the the previous 450x Mod tester in which someone has mentioned that it will be just a warp test and won’t be a production model.

Right now we have trials for warp mode available. The full production vehicles would be available for test rides in a few weeks, don’t have an exact date that I can share for that yet.

450x mint color…

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Hey Atherists :),

I took Ather 450X Warp Mode last week. I should mention here that I haven’t driven 450 at all. I had booked 450x just by the impressions that I got in this forum and word of mouth.

I absolutely loved the 450X Warp Mode. Unbelievable. Actually I have captured a video and I am very spectical to share it as I am not sure how the Ather or the Traffic Police after watching this will arrest me. Me and my Brother-In-Law took the test ride. I was the pillion rider. ( Don’t get confused. This forum Id is in my Wife’s Name :wink: )

I am attaching the video here. I am amazed at the power it generated when we both were riding it together. Around 80 + 80 KG load.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please Note: Please don’t share the video. I don’t want a Traffic Police Fine reciept :shushing_face:


Took the test ride today. I was told that it’s neither 450 nor 450x but a beta model of 450x. I find this more solid and well put together vehicle as compared to 450. It would be interesting to know from Ather, what are the differences between the two models, other than the power output. Are there any differences mechanically? Are the wheels upgraded to offer the grip? Brakes & ABS update?

I found the suspension tad stiffer and sporty on road, but as comfortable as before on bad roads. On wet and muddy surfaces, The rear wheel spins if you give more power. It works perfectly on proper roads.

Overall, I’m impressed . It gives me hope and glimpse of what Ather can do if and when they decide to enter performance motorcycle category. Imagine an urban enduro from Ather with the power of 450x but in a KTM like chassis-suspension setup. That will be a Zero-X of India.


Abs cannot be done in current design it seems.

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This is a beta model as it is a 450x body with a 450 dashboard and it’s tuned to run only on warp mode and if you change the modes while riding the vehicle will mostly shutdown as mentioned by others