Ather 450x Review after 1 month

Sorry Raghav.srinivasan sir for taking your pic in my video. I want knowing it’s bad… I am a school going boy… By the way I didnt took this pic from Ather forum, I found this in Google while browsing through. Please forgive me. :pray::pensive: And pls remove copyright strike :pray::pray:. I have changed my thumbnail also. Within few days I will re-edit my video

Take the video down and apologise to @Rahul for plagiarism!.

You’ve got to be absolutely shameless to steal credit for a photo that you did not take!

This is not a photo taken by you!. Atleast give credit where it is due!


Cinematic view, so you took the artistic freedom to claim others pic as yours and you also claim “company” didn’t let you take video? It is a shame that you plagiarized and had the audacity to post it in the same forum where you took the pic from? Ripping off others experience and claiming it is yours is plain cheating.

Calling this out @moderators at least get the video down from here.