Ather 450X purchase in Hyderabad and use in Vijayawada - Cant take risk with private transport

I stay in Vijayawada. I also own a place in Hyderabad. So, can I get my Ather delivered to Vijayawada. I can buy and do all the formalities in Hyderabad if needed. I cannot take the risk of damaging it in transporting through private party.

I haven’t heard of Ather delivering outside service area. Even in service area Home delivery is unheard of.

Best for you would be to register and take delivery in Hyderabad and transport it. Aggarwal packers and movers do a good job…you can take thier services.

Not sure why you don’t want a private transport but If you don’t want to use a private transport agency, find two or three charging points in between (friends or relatives) and ride it :slight_smile:


Do approach ather customer support for requests like this. That being said I highly doubt ather would oblige to this since ather themselves don’t recommend you to use their scooter in a non serviceable area. So it’s unlikely that ather would transport the scooter for you. If you’re really that afraid of private party transport …You could just ride it :wink:

If you’re apprehensive and have anxiety about the range talk to @Abhishek once for a while and you’ll be convinced. He might even accompany you, you never know. :stuck_out_tongue: Check out this

You could probably do it in 3 charges. Considering the range on the 450X and that would be one long day of riding or 2 short relaxed days of riding. If you’re adventurous. You could do it and it would really make a good story too.

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Thank you for advice. I also expected that Ather does not recommend use of the scooter in non serviceable area. Also, it would be very difficult / near impossible for periodical services. I have to think.

But there are daredevils who still flaunt their 450s in places far from servicable areas and never heard of issues. This includes changing RTO number, etc, where possible. Same would apply here. But there is a risk you should be aware of, that’s all. I think there are a handful of people here who are ready to do this with their Series 1.


Considering the 5k service interval and after that I think every other service is a major one. It’s doable if you’re a casual to moderate user. Since that would be a service 1-2 times a year. If you can find 3 fixed charging spots between Hyderabad and Vijaywada. It opens up a corridor for more users and not just yourself. All that matters is your willingness and the risk you’re willing to take to own a premium EV in a city that’s not seen anything like it.

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Hyderabad in Telangana and Vijayawada is in Andhra Pradesh. I would like to clarify one thing here, until or unless Ather opens a sales point anywhere in AndhraPradesh you can’t do permanent registration in Vijayawada. As the vehicle make and model not listed with the State RTO. Do get clarification with the Local RTO regarding this and proceed further. Else get permanent registration done at Hyderabad itself and use it in Vijayawada.


I bought the ather in chennai and im using it now in Visakhapatnam😉

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Hi! Could you share some experience regarding NOC, process of getting it and issues faced if any? I’m also planning to get Ather to Indore from Bengaluru.

Have you re-registered the Vehicle, In case of interstate transfer how can we get HSPR number plate.

Ather is going to come to Mumbai soon, so the ather will be listed in the vehicle registration list, so you can register it on your name, but for now, you have to bring the ather from Bangalore with KA number plate and then get an NOC from Bangalore after ather starts deliveries in Mumbai.

It is hard to go in person to Bangalore to get an NOC and again come back to Indore, so take it with you after ather comes to Mumbai After that you can register it in Indore.

I haven’t done the registration in another state, as ather is not available yet in Andhra padesh, If ather starts deliveries in any one of the city in Andhra, I can register it in this state, For now, i am using it with TN number plate

I did consider this option. Also Ahmedabad was one of the cities I could get the Scooter from. But I spoke to CS and they said it’s not possible since order is from Bengluru. Also all other cities have dealers and BLR and MAA have directly company run EC’s so I should get it from either of the city. Does Ather help getting Temporary Registration and NOC?

Ather will get you the temporary registration (with necessary documents of course) Permanent registration you have to get it done on your own. NOC is not needed to permanently register a vehicle with temporary registration I guess. For transfer it is needed for sure.

Best is you get hold of some RTO agent in Indore

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No, ather won’t in getting the NOC.

But Temporary registration can be requested during the time of registration.Need to call the customer care and inform them.

But, inorder to get temporary registration, you have to submit address proof of where you are currently staying.

If you get the Scooter from Ahmedabad, assuming that you will register it on another person’s name, you need to get an NOC, and also transfer it onto your name later

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I only have the option for getting the scooter from BLR and with temporary registration then registering it here in MP RTO. Just wanted to know because someone I know in RTO told I’d need NOC. Maybe I should ask him if things would work with temporary registration or maybe find someone else.

In temp u wont get noc… u have to register… …its very if they give temp registration in our prement address… only ather is not accepting this…

I also asked the same , ather will not give give ather with temporary registration with the address that you want to, Try registering it in Bangalore and then getting an NOC and register it in your state

It would be very long process and cause lot of issues. Also if someone is coming from other city, then they would have to plan stuff accordingly. Especially me as I’m going in between of this situation. Also today I checked, we can directly apply for temporary registration with BLR RTO online and get all formalities done. It wouldn’t require going us to RTO and can get registration on our address of our state. If that works, then it is a possible option.

There’s a catch, you should have the vehicle registered permanently with the same address that you have given for temporary rgistration,

if your permanent address is in another state and wish to register it there, you need to have the same address proof.

And a person can’t have address proof in two different states