Ather 450x Mobile app

Hey Guys I just took delivery of my new ather 450x. Very well built and a good quality electric scooter.

However talking about the smart features i feel the mobile app is not that satisfactory on features list. For example features like- Geo fencing, Keyless start using the mobile app, Find my scooter with sound and visual notification (By Flashing indicator lights).

This are some of the features i fell can improve some of the practice usage of the app other than the ride data , changing data. This features can be implemented by ota update as 450x has got all the hardware required for it. What do you guys feel such small and smart features can make the ride more smart and feature rich.

I really like this feature! Should be possible with a small OTA update, and will be great to scare the s**t out of the nosey kids in my apartment who keep gathering around my Ather :upside_down_face:

(But on a serious note, with the increasing number of Athers on the road, this might be necessary soon, and would be very useful in huge, confusing mall parking lots, etc.!)


@harshithbhat Yes really this are just a short list of features that can be implemented and take advantage of already existing hardware. If paired properly with the mobile app, the mobile app will also be more useful and practical. Lets hope Ather energy find this interesting to implement on our super scooter.

Can I install the APK version of the app?

I am using Huawei phone which unfortunately doesn’t have Play Store (made a blunder while ordering it). Almost, all apps have to be installed as APK since it is not available in Huawei App Gallery.

Also, I installed it on my older android phone (android version 8.1). I couldn’t upload the insurance (no Plus button in app) (App version 4.0.9). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No change in the same.

I have tried extracting the apk of the app from my older phone and installed it in Huawei phone. But it is crashing. I think the app requires google play store to work. Kindly suggest any other methods to make this work.

@Sibihere94 i understand your concern, i too think the app may require google service framework to work properly. I would suggest try to download the latest version of the ather app on any of your friends device and ask them to share the app to your device.

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Archiving this thread, please move features suggested here to their individual topics.