Ather 450x in Mysore

I’ve 450 awaiting delivery and 450x prebooked, let see if they give they open in Mysore.

Hi Ashwin! Let me know if any of your friends want codes for Ather 450X. But strictly Mysureans! I have 2 codes

My friend pre booked from mysore

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Hi Neetha , myself and many friends from infosys mysuru campus , have booked 450X…
many are eagerly waiting for Ather to commit on the servicibility from 2018 itself.
Also i have two more codes for pre order. i can give if anyone intersted , only condition is that they should be From Mysuru


At any time if you fall short of codes, please let me know, I have 2… and same condition apply!

I’m pretty sure Mysuru will be 10am :slight_smile:


Hemanth avare! Mysuru Jana na refer maad ri 450X book madalikke!


Great to hear that. Fingers crossed

Same here. I have three

How is Ather planning to setup charging infrastructure across so many cities at once!?

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Especially at Mysore!? Before launching the Ather450x?

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Ather is going into dealership model… So every dealer will have charger… Not to be worried about charger setup… :smiley:

And I am also ready to give my 2 codes for Mysore… infact codes are not problem at all we have many…:smiley:

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i had to give my first order to my collegue. . .
in 2018 , Ather had no plans to deliver to Mysuru
the below snapshot is the reply i had got when i was transferred to my hometown…

Punith, 2018 is already two years ago. Meanwhile they have learnt a lot. They have got knowledge on how the industry works. They have got biggie backing. Another reason may be Bajaj is entering the market. Revolt is already in couple of cities already. If ather doesn’t take the plunge now then it will miss the train

Guys, I am getting another doubt now. What happens if Mysore doesn’t make it to the top 10 cities list. Does that mean we the Ather 450x pre-bookers from mysuru are put on hold. @abhishek.balaji what happens when our booking number gets scheduled for the delivery?

There will be a pre-order list for Mysore, so when we do end up launching in Mysore, you’ll be in the list. For the current 450s at least, we open full payment for order IDs in batches, and as you make the payment, the delivery processes are initiated.

thats a comfort !!! but your comment is ambiguous. as per your sentence : we have to wait till Ather has to launch in Mysuru. Then only those who have pre-ordered will get served…!

Please let us know correctly if people in Mysuru have to wait till Ather has to come here.

And also , what about serviceability ? If anyone’s 450x is scheduled for a service , do they need to get it to Bengaluru ?



Beta test ride of ather 450x in 2020 ?.. Please,?

Looks like the latter is true. Even if we have pre-booked a collection edition, we will have to wait until 450x is launched in Mysore.

Only advantage is you are first in the list of Mysore, but not nationally. And when will they enter mysuru is a big mystery!

Dear Ather Team @abhishek.balaji,
You can setup the charging grids later since we can use the vehicle charging from Home and for office commute it will be a good choice.
Only thing is serviceability, Cities like Mysore are not far from Main City that you have setup like Bangalore. Please launch in Mysore at the earliest.
I have prebooked on the hope that I will get my hands on the vehicle in Feb 2020.