Ather 450X Gen 3 , 10K Periodic Service

I have been using my Ather 450X from 2022 and it’s been almost 19 Months , it was almost late for my second periodic service at 10K Kms , Till date I have not faced any breakdown issues so far and my most riding the scooter is in city only , for a 19 Months old scooter 10K kms is very less I know but out of 10K Kms 6K kms was done in a span of first 6 months only , last 1 year I didn’t ride it as much as I did it before , getting back to the topic ,

I had visited the service center for 10K service on 28/05/2024 at Pride Electric - Nagole, Hyderabad, this is EC where I bought my scooter from earlier.

Upon reaching my scooter was inspected and Service Manager informed me that both Brake pads front and rear were end of their life and Secondary Belt thickness has also reduced below the minimum thickness and need to be changed to which I agreed ,

Physical damages by me were Rear Fenders both top and bottom as some idiot has hit me earlier this from behind and broke it and I was using it till now …

Both Brake pads were changed to new once and both rear top and bottom fenders were replaced as I asked them to , Secondary Belt was replaced in warranty.

Additionally I installed new version of saree guard and new Grip covers and floor mat which were my extra expenses

Service was quick and my scooter was handled professionally, I waited at the customer lounge and scooter was handed over to me in less than 2hrs , service was done , tpms software was to in sync and that took time …

29/05/2024 New Belt and New Brake pads gave more confidence in riding and I was enjoying my ride all day , I started noticing my left Brake lever is leaking oil and I thought I first may be service person handled the scooter with oily hands so I wiped it out and upon using it continuously, I started feeling more oil on my left hand and more oil drop happens when scooter is parked in side stand when oil drops from the lever end , I informed the service manager and he asked me to visit SC whenever I am free , in the mean while on the same day a bad thing happened to me was I ran out of charge when returning home in the afternoon 3:00PM , I located a Ather Grid which was just 4kms away from my location and I had 5% SoC so I selected that particular grid and reached the grid with 2% SoC left , Grid was shown available to me on Ather Grid app and also upon reaching grid was showing Green light , I connected my scooter and it stuck at initializing and charging never started , I kept my scooter connected and left to nearby restaurant to have my lunch and when returned I saw my scooter is blinking 0% SoC and now I am stuck and running out of ideas I asked my friend to send me my Portable charger via Rapido which he sent me and it reached me by 4PM but to my surprise no one on that particular location (Swiss Castle Bakery,Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad) allowed me to connect the charger for getting me atleast 6-7% as the nearby grid was 6kms away , I even told them I will pay them but noone agreed , now as I am stuck , I took the incident to Twitter where within 1hr I got a call from Ather Bengaluru team and they guided me some troubleshooting steps at the grid but it didn’t work and they asked me to wait so that they can arrange me RSA from there side as it was a fault at grid , 6PM I got a call from Bengaluru team and they informed me that they have booked RSA for me and I shall get a call back from RSA in sometime and I keep on waiting when it’s 7PM I called customer care and asked what happened? Is RSA coming or I shall arrange my own pickup , they asked me to wait again and after 15mins I got a call from RSA and RSA truck arrived to my location where I was stuck at 8:00PM and it dropped me to nearby Available Grid where I charged and reached home 9:40PM , it was a hectic day for me , but thanks to Ather who helped me in a situation where I was stuck badly , I took 5-6hrs but still I was thankful that I reached my home on my scooter …

30/05/2024 I was supposed to visit SC for oil leakage check from brake lever but could not visit as I was occupied somewhere else

31/05/2024 Oil leak from Left brake lever was continuing and I thought it may empty the oil reserve and I may face brake failure soo I took time and visited the SC where they checked it carefully , SC informed me whenever a new Brake pad is installed , brake pistons are pushed back and new Brake pads are inserted , oil inside the brake line should flow back to the reservoir but it didn’t and started leaking from the lever nozzle , I was asked to wait 30 mins where they changed the Entire Master cylinder set in warranty and I walked out with new Brake lever and cylinder set


Overall Service side from Ather is good and technician are professional, some may say service charge is high and extra labour charges on all parts are applied to which even I agree but quality of service is excellent, Vehicle sales are a different things where people can race against each other but service should be the main competition between the competitors where in Hyderabad no one can match Athers service quality , I mean seriously because I do own a S1 Pro which is collecting dust in the parking from last 3 months