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Going by current naming convention if Ather could increase the range with same battery and motor via sw updates i do not see any reason for holding that out for current 450s on road , There’s certainly hw limitations with current motor and battery capacity and again Indian Motor laws do not allow changes to power train of a tested and approved production vehicle , So if i think back in time Ather must have done thier best of thier ability for current 450 range and performance… Now they have gathered enough experience and may have worked out better solutions to increase range keeping 450x name gives a sense of upgrade.

On other thoughts if they aren’t working on increasing range of 450x and continue with same setup which is quite unlikely then there’s no need of 450x as 450 is powerful enough for a scooter and range is the most important point today in ev market that’s a real selling point i beleive ather must have realised this from customer feedback…

Even 450 has 2.7kwh battery but it is capped to 2.4kwh which is 48v x 50ah…
For 340 the same battery is capped to 40ah which means 48v x 40ah = 1.92 kwh…

That is the reason for lesser range in 340 even with less powerful motor

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I really wish that they work on range rather than torque or top speed , Bangalore is a mega city and with the kind of traffic we have the most important grudge i have with current 450 is range ,Can i do a to and fro from Whitefield to Electronic City on current 450 in single charge ? Quite unlikely and looking at Forum as well Range is indeed the most discussed topic … My bet on 450x will be range if they don’t increase it ,I’ll wait for next gen of scooter from ather.

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@ Ather, at this point of time Could you share the break-ups of the orders from the cities perspective as how many from Bangalore, Chennai, other cities ?

I pre-ordered it too. I hope it would be a good deal for those who already owe a Ather 450. We are looking for extended Kms, and black color. I hope we get a good deal when we exchange our old one. Mine tho is just 1 month old

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is there turn indicator buzzer in 450? Can be a feature for 450 X?

The 450 already has a turn indicator buzzer :slight_smile:


I am currently leasing my Ather 450 with Autovert. Can I also upgrade?

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Anyone want invitation code, please let me know for booking

Future would be tough as lot of players are entering the EV market and battery technology too is changing rapidly .150 +kms would soon be thing of the past and well be talking in 3 digit kms per charge soon.

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We’re working on upgrade/exchange programs for all our 450 owners


Am sure about that EV world is a fast moving tech space , Its just the beginning of an era we should feel lucky that we may witness another technology shift in our lifetime… remember cassette then CD’s and DVDs to Netflix Hotstar Youtube and Spotify…


@Rahul Great plan of exchange 450 to Ather 450X , Ather will benefit more in this , yup from both sides , you will sell back used 450 to taxi bike providers & food delivery providers & Ather owners will get “ Babaji Ka Thullu”:grinning::grinning::grinning::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::pray:
Ather well moved plan & hope the revenue you will generate from can start expanding its grid network in chennai & still not seen every 4kms you will find grid
Grid ka time kab aayega :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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  • This type of sudden announcement of 450X and also hinting existing owners for some upgrade plans
    by saying this most existing owners have again pre booked
  • Reducing pre book amount from 5000 to 2500 to get more & more pre bookings
  • Opening booking Pan India to get maximum Bookings
  • Instead of assuring few Days Ather is giving in statement as few weeks (Which may calculate to months)
    I assume Ather maybe going through some phase of funding rounds hence they can show the investors the number of bookings already on hand, if it is so its a very good & smart move by Ather

Revealing 450X first images!



Nice picture… :ok_hand:

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Tell me it’s not real! It can’t be! I expect more from Ather designers. If this is real, I’ll pass on my pre-booking to someone else.

I’d seen metallic glossy red Athers and they looked so good


IT IS!!. One of the many new color options. Also this particular one is meant to be the Collector’s Edition