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Noticed this error while returning back home from office.

Can you please help

I did restart it multiple times but it is still the same.

Same error for me too today. even the location is not updated and ride statistics page was not loading tried soft reset two to three time giving some time interval but no result so finally shutdown fixed the issue.

Thanks, it worked and I was able to reach home safely. I believe this is a temporary fix.

I hope Ather comes up with a stable software to fix this issue.

My indicator was not working, and whole dashboard was not responding. My battery indicated 0%. I was frustrated and it is dangerous to ride like this.

Did we all pay this much money just to get a half baked scooter?

I hope Ather understands the safety of their customers.

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I just heard that @ramakrishnanseenu faced the same issue a little while ago. Still not fixed after restart. Have asked him to soft reset. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence that some people are facing it around the same time🤔

Edit: Adding image on his behalf. @abhishek.balaji is this random or some reason there are more than a couple of owners complaining around the same time?


Same error for me as well today evening. Tried soft reset 4/5 times but didn’t work. Finally shutdown worked. After restarting the battery percentage was 83. Major glitch.

Same error I faced today. Shutdown fixed the issue but why it happened no one knows.

Btw, did you notice that when the vehicle is restarting, when the ather logo is displayed on the screen, if you give throttle, the vehicle will move.

Yes that was because the vehicle motor is on if kill switch is engaged this doesn’t happen & not an issue.

But any how software issues are there and need to be fixed ASAP. Today evening my dash board turned ON automatically for fraction of seconds after turning off the vehicle and key removed. This happened to me previously also but after Latest update this is the first time. This seems to be a hardware related issue rather than a software issue. Had to see if I observe again then definitely will send to service centre.

The primary functions of the motor are isolated from the visual components of the dashboard as a safety measure. This is to ensure you don’t lose power while driving.


We’ve got a few reports of this happening as well, and the team is looking into it. Would help if @ramakrishnanseenu reports it through the app, so the team has more cases to go through and figure out the issue. For now, a shutdown and boot up seems to fix it.

Yup issue was already reported via app.

A shutdown was tried once but didnt work. soft resets were repeated multiple times but to no avail. a 2nd shutdown and then reboot after about 10 minutes fixed it.

Thanks However I haven’t received any credits yet. Also wanted to check after how many meters does the vehicle sends tow detection alarm.

About adjusting the mirror, u dont require a screw to adjust or loose it. try getting down from ur scooter and adjust it from front by pushing littler hard. i also own a 450x one month old, initially i also felt it hard to adjust later i felt its a great design because in other petrol vehicle when u park it someone will change ur mirror position to comb their hair. that no way possible in Ather 450x since it is little hard and once u set ur ather 450x mirror according to ur preference then u dont need to change it frequently. i own other petrol scooters where the mirror get loose later point of time and u need to adjust everytime before u drive, that not the case here in ather. best of luck

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@abhishek.balaji yesterday night my scooter dashboard started on its own and building security person called me @12am that scooter chalu hai. Had to go switch on & off the scooter. Please check whether any ota update was pushed.


Just came to know from my neighbour, the screen was ON yesterday whole day.

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It’s happening to my one as well.

Real time efficiency graphics is not as representative in day time. Can be changed to power bar type or digital % of acceleration in dashboard for better indication. #feature-request #ather-450x @abhishek.balaji

I Echo every word said here, except I’m using the scooter for over a month now… smart connect features for series 1 is not at all working. I have reported and waiting…

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My dashboard and headlight lights and shutsdown automatically when i turn off my vehicle. Is this any error or bug in the software…?

I don’t think it’s an issue. It’s supposed to be that way isn’t it?