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Folks who reported that the maps screen loads by default when the vehicle comes to a stop, has it occurred this week (Monday, 11 Jan onwards) again?

I got a different issue after 202101 update. Icons for maps and ride details didn’t appear even when series 1 wasn’t moving. It was stuck at Speedometer screen. Did a soft boot and got fixed. Just an FYI.

Favorites aren’t syncing in maps Charging points list do not appear without searching for the location

These two issues are still there.

Good job fixing major ones. Ather is taking time stabilizing the android version. A quick turnaround with multiple updates even for would make people feel that the work is going on.


When is app update? Can’t upload documents and see warp in ride statistics and wrong full charge completion timing.

Hey @kotteeswar25 what is your app version and OTA version because. If you are talking exactly about app then it is already released days back(like 20 days back I guess). There is no new update released yet after that a fix for android 11 is expected that is it.

Also just a small doubt your profile is showing 450 owner!! You are talking about 450x Only right.

Documents sync and some locations details in statistics is related to OTA. I think it is being rolled out already if you did not receive then may be in a couple of days you shall receive.

Pick from my app where warp mode is showing

iPhone app (have an android 10 device in that also showing)

It seems there is an algorithm error in statistics showing on the top of the ride statistics page.

The individual ride stats seems to be ok

Above is the example from my last two rides.

I drove 47km by using 57% battery(both ride and sport mode involved) so the range prediction for individual rides seem to be ok.

But on the top it is not getting correct All my previous ranges in ride are ranging above 65 and I only used Eco mode thrice since my vehicle was purchased last month, and never crossed beyond 90. So it seems there is an algorithm error in averaging the stats. Anyone else observed this.

And absolutely there is no range problem with vehicle always getting good range Blind folded I can say I can trust and travel 72 to75 range in ride mode.

I know a couple of owners are having range issues but I think it is those individual vehicles or the issue is with stats showing wrong due to firmware issue but hoping those vehicles get rectified.

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Yeah, my vehicle directly upgraded to the 10.0.2 version with the 450x splash graphics and I have this problem of the map appearing as soon as I accelerate. The whole ride is on the map mode and even clicking on the little square on the bottom right doesn’t bring the dash back. I didn’t have this issue in the stock software.


The problem propped after dashboard update. Till yesterday I was facing this issue. Today while returning from office the maps is not popping during each halt. Is the issue resolved?

Even after updating the software, lot of times it’s rebooting and functionality is not working as expected. My subscription plan is not updated even though I purchased Series 1. Series 1 UI is not coming, my updated version is 10.0.2.

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The predicted range shows numbers based on the last 1000 km or so, so it’s a better indicator of how you’re riding. The range drop in some vehicles could be due to various reasons like lower tyre pressure or not-in-spec belt tensioning etc, but unlikely there’s an algorithm error.

You can try riding in a single mode and seeing how that affects the projected range above

Can you help me with some more information on when this happened last?

Awesome, that’s good to hear. Do watch for a few more days if the issue pops up again, would love to hear if this got fixed.

Can you elaborate? What functionality is not working as expected?

Rebooting once in a while is ok, and wont affect the performance of the scooter at all. If it’s happening frequently, you can get a service request scheduled to have a check on what’s happening.

On subscription, do reach out to the retail partner to get this activated.

Yup those are the primary reasons I understand that and even I suggested the same many times. This time I checked because I thought that vehicle is achieving the range but by seeing the data on the summary( Average I can say) of ride status which is on the top and some might be getting worried, but on reality that might not be the case.(Just a thought those might be due to riding or had a real issue I don’t know) In my case I am definitely achieving the range just the numbers on averaging is my doubt thats it.

My concern arrives because of the fact that I never achieved range that is above 95 in Eco mode during my one month odd vehicle owning but it started showing 102 as average.

Most of my rides are just ride mode( completely ride) but any how as you suggested I would observe for few more days by riding only in one mode and have a check.:+1:

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Hi Balaji,

You have mentioned the amount till 10 Jan will be credited, does that mean the app/dashboard is error free now? I still have issues with maps and indicator. What about blue tooth features?


Wouldn’t say completely bug free, but the earlier versions were unusable for many, hence the credits. Bluetooth will be enabled through an OTA update, but usage of Bluetooth features would not require you to be on any Connect plan.

Do raise issues on the app or through CS for the maps and indicator one as you mentioned.

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@abhishek.balaji any idea when we can use referral credits for subscriptions? I didn’t get a trial version of connect subscription just like few people got in Bangalore or Mumbai or Pune. Till date I never got to experience how it works. Unless I see and evaluate it’s hard for me to go for subscription out of the pocket. I would get the point if no one got the trials but that’s not the case.

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I think it is a common problem and needs to be resolved. Sooner the better.

@abhishek.balaji why isn’t real time range like how in cars we get distance to empty type instead of this fixed 85/75/65/50 which won’t even reflect real world usage? Can this be at least given in setting so only those who are interested can enable it ?

As you use your scooter, It will learn your riding style and show the range based on your riding style. It isn’t instant. It takes a bit of time to learn your riding habits

Not exactly this is on the mobile application part(those are predicted ranges) but on dash board it is fixed. Few reasons for that

  1. The numbers shown on the dash board are arrived based on lot of data collected from various sensors placed in the vehicle and the BMS data as per road conditions which is vigorously tested. Even though the ARAI approved range is much higher than the numbers given, these numbers are which practically achievable in 90 to 95 cases based on city riding conditions. Hence the numbers 85/75/65/50. It is like if we expect less and get more we are more satisfied than expect more and get less.

  2. These numbers are fixed on vehicle dashboard because in initial 450 variants the software used to show the dynamic machine learned ranges (regarding initial 450 software I read some where in the forum, but however my following statement is correct as per my understanding)

In practice it is understood that this is not ideal as we may not achieve the same range every time and hence this causes range anxiety.( by not every time I mean the achievable range completely depends on many factors riding pattern, tyre pressure, road etc…; )

Hence it is noted that rather than giving a dynamic range on dash board a fixed number which is more or less achievable maximum times which can reduce range anxiety significantly is practical.

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i know those are predicated Ranges which ather arrived after lot of data collection from initial 450’s but isn’t real time range like in other vehicles useful ? Can this provided as something only those who require to be enabled from setting menu like how incognito mode is enabled ?

Noticed a minor glich in the dashboard. While using navigation in dark mode, I could see white flashes across the screen on multiple occassions. Part of the screen turns to light mode for a second and then back again. It happens only when the scooter is in motion, so couldn’t take a pic/video of the problem.

I have also not got S1 specific UI. My software version is 202101.