Ather 450X Dashboard and Software - User experiences, Reviews

Dash board restarts while driving . Then no details about the current ride updated.

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Superb… the beta is 202051!

Hi friends…

I took delivery of my 450x today & had already paid for the connect pro pack. Only during delivery was I told that Bluetooth connectivity is yet to be implemented. During my ride from the delivery area to home (12km), the display rest twice & i was on the navigation screen. Had to set the destination manually both occasions.

Another observation is, the turn signals would switch off randomly at times before taking a turn.

The documents screen doesn’t retain aspect ratio of uploaded documents & don’t seem to be in sync with app…

Also noticed no possibility to control volume level of turn signal & park assist… Either off or annoyingly loud options are present. Hopefully it will be considered in future updates?

Other minor issues such as seat not locking in place easily & mirrors being too hard to twist (couldn’t find any screws to loosen it… But maybe i need to check closely) Definitely the performance & smoothness of the drivetrain is unmatched. But until the app & connected features aren’t fixed, I don’t think it’s right to ask us to pay for beta testing :slight_smile:


Turn signals bug everyone is facing. Docs aspect ratio is an issue but if u click on it, it shows full pic.even I wished for altering volume of park assist and indicators

Also in advance, you might face vibrations in floorboard soon which people have said is normal in the start. Right now, I’ve taken pro pack and suddenly yesterday the scooter stopped syncing with the app. Idk why. Anybody else facing same issue?


Synching is also one of the bug. Takes time some times it won’t sync for almost 12hrs. Try soft booting your dashboard by holding both breaks and start button simultaneously for 10 seconds.

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I have enabled notification for charging in the ather app. Didn’t receive any notification when started charging or after charging. Did anyone check this?

I got notification when charging completed

Hey @nithin.nath nice to see you here :slight_smile: I’d be eagerly reading at your experiences. Although it doesn’t seem to be a great start, hopefully it’ll all be ironed out.

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Hey @hemanth.anand likewise maga… I was considering getting an EV 2W since long… Felt the practical application would be a scooter & decided to swap existing scooter for Ather 450x because the range on the 450 was a tad lower in ride mode than my expected cut-off. Based on your honest feedback on fb & few other friends , I already knew what I was getting into. I’d rather invest in an innovative product from a start up than an established OEM who wouldn’t adapt to needs of users :slight_smile: Hence, started off with giving feedback on initial observations (unfortunately negative)… But then I also own Italian motorcycles…so I’m used to dealing with troubles from day1 :stuck_out_tongue: shall connect with you offline


10.0.2 is supposed to have Series1 specific dashboard. For folks who have Series1 and have update installed, can you please show pictures of the Series1 dashboard?

10.0.2 OTA . Got the Series 1 UI on dashboard.

Here you go this is the post by @Rahul


My dashboard was facing a map glitch after the previous update about a week ago, in which after accelerating the dashboard would automatically go to maps and I was told that the glitch would be solved in the next update. But that glitch isn’t solved and to add on there’s a new glitch in which the dashboard shows motor off on a running scooter. Is there anyone else facing these issues? @abhishek.balaji please look into it

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Read about Open House today in some post… what was it about and how could have someone attend it?

Log a service request by calling support or through the app. The forum is not an official support channel.

My vehicle got a stable update and it happened automatically. That is a good thing because I need not plug in the charger.

However the actual observation is that after update the dashboard turned on automatically along with the tail lamp. (The typical insert your key to complete the update message not any other functions though).

For the future updates this needs to be stopped because the vehicle dashboard will stay turned ON until we insert the key and turn ON the vehicle.(thats what happened to me)

I observed for 1.5 hours after I noticed this and it doesn’t turnoff don’t know since how long it is ON.

This is not good in battery drain aspect and also security wise(I mean will be concerning even though vehicle and features are not ON). Any ways vehicle should be turned OFF during update so I fel there is no need for this message.


I’ve already talked to ather about it, the post was to know if there are other users facing this problem or just me.

Hey, while taking delivery of the veichle they might have pre-installed this new OTA already. So only you are not getting.

I faced this issue the very night I took delivery. My security called me at midnight to inform that my registration plate light & display was on for over 2hrs! I had to go the vehicle & do an IGN key on/off to turn off the light


Good video. You’ve taken your time and explained the nagging issues. Hope Ather acknowledges it and lets folks know about the next course of action.