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Thank u dears And one more thing I observed While riding in eco or ride When we are going on overspeed the speed display should turns from green to red but in my vehicle it always showing green except in wrap mode

Pls reply

the red colour I think doesn’t depend on the speed , it depends on how you use the throttle, cos pulling the throttle fully at one shot will show red colour but slowly allowing the scooter to reach higher speeds in its own time won’t show I think cos I’m not sure.


Background colour on the speed changes according to speed.

Hue changes according to the efficiency, regardless of the speed.

Hi dear friends What is the best way to charge Iam confused is it necessary to make 100% everytime Or 80 is enough how to increase the life cycle iam using portable charger

Pls suggest

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I love this question because the best answer to this is “SMART” charging feature request :grinning::blush:. But until we get the smart charging feature added, here is what I do to ensure a good battery care:

  • avoid going too low. Stay some where around 10-20%
  • charge it to 80-85%
  • charge it to 100% only when I am going on a longer planned trips.
  • don’t fast charge often. And whenever I do, charge it 80% or only now much I need.
  • for convenience, set up a smart plug and connect it with Alexa. Command Alexa to stop charging when I see it has reached 80-85% Hope that helps… :blush:

Is there any issue in my ather software What happens is when I cross 45 kmph the colour has to be chage from green to red but it remains green itself I don’t know why

Pls clarify anyone facing the same issue

Thank u

It’s fine for me

Hi Ather Team, I have purchased ather 450x yesterday and took subscription of quarterly basis but my dashboard is working too much slowly. Please help its frustrating me

It’s common in ather dashboard, be patient

That is how Ather dashboard is. 1 GB Ram.


Hi I am from Vizag, My vehicle was not starting (motor is in start mode but neither forward nor reverse is working). I restarted three times but still it was not starting. After some time it started. Very horrible. Very very bad.

Am I not using a low quality EV? Understand my feelings. Is it fine my dear ather?

After asking the service technician, they are telling it’s a software issue. What the hell these service tech are saying that if the issue occurs again, they will do something!!!

Finally I think I choose a wrong one


Since 3 days, my stats are not updated in the app… Anyone having the same problem…?

Shutdown and start scooter , go for a ride wait for sometime It might work

I’ve done it several times… but the problem is not rectified… this is why I’ve taken connect pro subscription… wsste of money

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Dear Ravi bro One thing we are using a premium vehicle abd even in that if we have to adjust, it’s irritating bro

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Having the Same issues of the Stats not being synced or the charging status on the android app @abhishek.balaji can this be checked , this is happening after the recent android update happened , have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app from play store but its of no use , it still shows 4 days old data .

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Even I am facing the same issue. Tried the famous reboot hack, but of no use…

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