Ather 450x clue hunting

Trying to find clues


Did you try watching the teaser videos closer? :wink:


Ather 450x May have new design

Healthy and increased battery life

Dot Charger with 1KW/HR

OLED Display with more colors

Jan 25th - 28th

Proximity sensors

G-force sensor

Charging point on map

Nope that black vehicle is Bajaj , 450X are talking binary in their usual avatar…


110 in the picture might be the range of Ather 450X

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hahah it is a scooter not a smartphone :stuck_out_tongue:

Those binary codes even when converted to hex dont make sense to me

Let’s try breaking down their teaser one more time.

Same here… The binaries are random… I tried ascii… :roll_eyes:

oled display isn’t that an overkill for a scooter dashboard? Again oleds aren’t the brightest screens and in outdoor usage it would be barely visible , May be same tft lcd with higher resolution is the way or probably Amoled but any upgrade in screen tech will be costly affair…

Am I seeing a feature where Athers are communicating each other? Like on board communicating app😁.

11:55 on the clock. Maybe the launch time of chetak.

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Was trying to scroll over and checking Ather’s reply on Twitter, some clues:

  1. Cute - will be available in different colors
  2. Regular updates - as per Tarun’s interview it’ll be good for few years not like mobile phones.
  3. 5-8 year battery life :battery:
  4. 0-60 in blink of eye
  5. Charging Ather as easy as cell phone - more charging points
  6. Shared Bharat Petroleum posts over and over May be fast charging points available there just wild guess.
  7. Does Music system in room mean Bike sound like Revolt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?
    Tried converting binary only 2 in middle makes sense that is 115-155 May be range.
    They are talking in Binary May be Ather’s gift to community where they can help each other hypothetically call for help to neatest Ather rider as they say Super Scooter up on Intelligence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
    Hey Ather did you forget to include “Hey Google” or “Alexa” :joy::joy:.


E ink display are good for outdoor but touch response is bit slower
Anyway on the scooter it’s just to display


The Ather homepage now says that final specifications and price will be unveiled by the end of this month.

I am expecting Between Jan 25th - Jan 28th

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Yeah, even I’m hoping so.:v:t2:

iam not able to see any update in homepage kindly share the url it’s in the game rules section.

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Where is the video😅