Ather 450 Seat

Hello Team,

I have been using Ather 450 since an year. It’s an amazing machine. However I would like to get suggestions about improving the driver seat.

I am 5’11" and I daily ride about 25km with all bumps and mud and stone roads in bangalore. The monoshocks is absolutely good in that but the Seat is a problem. I always feel like I am in a slide sloping towards front. There are sometimes even my knee touched the front while driving. The seat from pillion is good and flat. But the seat for driver is very small in reality as shown in the image attached.Seat length I welcome all the suggestion to address this issue. Is there any seat pad only for driver so that seat height increases and meanwhile the horizontal length also increases?


Recommend to go through this topic there are few owners who did some work on their seat you can find some shop details for this too.

Also you can find good suggestions for seat covers.

Update:: this is the exact post

Thank you so much for suggestion :slight_smile: . I shall look into it. Also kindly let me know if Ather is planning to launch a seat accessory if already many have reported the issue.

I am finding the same issue. Why didn’t Ather make a flat seat so that people can move forward or backward to find their seating comfort. I am always about to fall.

A flat seat where? The rear seat is a bit higher than the front one. So they have to have a slope. They’ve kept the front seat lower to accomodate shorter riders. I don’t need a low seat height so I increase my front seat at a local seat guy by 1.5-2 inches.

Not sounding rude here, I am 5’9 and don’t consider myself tall. What about people of average height ? The scooter seemed to be designed for pillion rider and assuming the owner will hire a driver. Because back seat is most comfortable. Never faced this issue in Suzuki access- wonder how they got it right .

What led you to believe this? I’ve actually never met anyone who’s had a hired driver for a 2 wheeler :thinking:

Yup. Much much bigger scooter. Not a very sportive scooter either. Ather is a smaller. More agressive sporty scooter

Lol, the reason I said it was designed for pillion rider is because of the comfort seating for pillion rider. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s maybe since Ather 450 has monoshock, they had to increase the pillion seat height to allow for the play. But that height is too much for shorter people and also ladies. So they had to quickly reduce the driver seat height. But they can’t give a split seat since it would eat up the under seat storage space. So they gave a slope from pillion seat to driver seat. This slope is design issue. If we increase driver seat height too much then we can’t use our legs to hold the bike in stand still.

I did increase the height of driver seat by adding extra 4 inch cushion but it is gradually reducing and become thinner day by day. Any custom work might never be as good as the original seat comfort.